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Friday, December 31, 2010

2010: Upon Further Review...

Okay...Old Man 2010 is about to have one more for the road...where are we now?

I have not taken that much time to look back at '10; it was an interesting year.  Back in the radio business, and surprised at the prospect of staying in it for a while.  The writing has gone at a frantic, but satisfying pace.  The mad triumverate of myself, Riz and Jen must get at it to turn out some more manga stuff for the SDS, and I'm finally starting to make sense of the abortion known as the Beauty Way.

That book has been a royal pain in my ass.  It was going to be a half-book, but I don't like it; so more stuff going in.  A lot more.  It could be quite some time before the draft is satisfactory.

TrafficTalk appears ready to roll next month.  More training coming, then I'll hopefully have what I need to get some part-time hours in exchange for shares.  Till at least we get the right funding.  Leave it to the brain trust down in Northern VA to figure that out.

Emotionally:  up and down year, yet another one.  My depression had its moments of fucking with me, but not enough to cause any major demolition of my psyche.  

To make a point on the whole year:  steps forward, yes.  Still up in the air:  the SDS in terms of finding a publisher, getting Ahltyrra back together in some form, finding out if ever certain personal matters can be resolved, and if I can financially continue on this course.


I fucking hate the concept of it.  Fortunately, my living expenses are not huge, and I have been pretty decent at keeping spending on a reasonable level.  I can for the time being work this way, but soon I need to see TrafficTalk bringing me some $$$, not just shares.  Not gonna demand it, sure, but we need to get it off the ground, and hopefully we can go from there. the radio business, the one thing I've learned after 26 years is:  stick around.  Hold a position, and soon the higher-ups will find out that you know what you're doing, and give you more work.

Are you listening, Radio PA and Clear Channel?  Heehee...actually, I'm very happy to be back in the business at all, so I'm not gunning to push anyone out. I'll wait, bide my time, do my job and do it properly.  Then we'll see.

I turned 45 on Nov. 1.  The number 45 is a very strange one for me; it seems to pop up in my life a lot.  I don't know the significance of it, but it means something to me.

I want to believe 2011 will be my year for at least one major step forward.  I have to keep working in that direction, and not quit anything I don't have to.

The fun is about to begin, I really feel it.

Enjoy your New Year...see you on the other side!

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