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Thursday, December 9, 2010

"Sing Along with the Common People..."

Well, let's see how this works...looks pretty bold to me...a day of traveling about, taking Kaitryth on her errands.  Now that her poor old Neon has finally shit the bed for good it seems, K. has been able to run about with fellow covenmate Kera to do stuff.  

I didn't mind, as I now realize that I have so little life going for me.  No serious or unusual things, just here and there, and I got lunch at Chipotle by her...all well and good.  

K. is doing well, despite all the madness that has gone on in her life. Her new living arrangement is shaping up, and Mantas appears to be getting along well...when they get back together, don't know, but they seem to be in good positions.

Listening to Bryan Ferry's new CD, "Olympia" in the car, and a Pulp hits collection; hence the "Common People" reference.

Asked by K. about the band.  Yes, will Ahltyrra do it again?  Right now, it looks like a three-piece, perhaps a four if things go right.  Eventually we must get back to work on the music, and I am hoping to take steps in that direction soon.

New song yesterday; my first in a long while.  Need to figure the music, but I think it will be fairly basic on guitar.  Most of my stuff is; it's the band, Dan and others who have made my music richer than it was at the start.

Book stuff...after the brain-melting I went through this week to whip SDS-3 one more time into shape, I am finding my mind getting interested in a storyline that I created about two years ago.

This is going to be very different, and it's going to take a long time for me to get this to work.  It is disjointed and senseless right now, and I have to build around a series of twisted characters.  It's back to creating my own universe again.

I already tried that once, to semi-disastrous results in the 90's.  Again, I still look at the manuscript and wonder about it.

Too much else before me...I think I'll let my brain ramble on, with regard to this new thing...I have stuff in hand right now that must be dealt with.

What life I have...or not...K. asked a very good question:  "So, what do you do when you're not writing or working?"

Oh shit.

Not much; I occasionally do chores at the house, feed the cats, clean a little...fuck, not much at all.  

There is that thing..."A writer writes, always," which comes from "Throw Momma From The Train."  A terrible movie, by the way.  I was not impressed by it.  But that is a trueism.

I also recently considered this as an exercise, and I may still bring it up to the coven sometime:  Count every person you have contact with on a given day.  Anybody you speak to and/or interact with:

Some days I can count them on one hand.  That's not good, is it?

Makes you wonder...even amongst a sea of people, as I am now at the Office, we are all adrift or marooned on an island of our own making.  Some days, I need that; others, I don't.


Other strange things:  while we were shopping, or rather K. was, we went into a calendar shop...normally I stay away from the mall, unless I have something I have to buy specifically.  Found a classic game...Mille Borne.

Remember that game?  The French racing card game; I was introduced to this in 1987, and it had already been around 25 years.  Retro weird game; just decided to get it.  Game night with the coven might be fun again...this is a cutthroat, competitive game and is actually fun and makes you think.


I digress.  Must move on...get back to some of my ideas and see what other trouble I can cause today...heh.  Sing along with the common people...

...oh, btw...thank you to my friends in Europe who are reading my blog!  I think I know who two of you are, and there is another over there...much pleased to know I'm being read.  (Happy Smile...needed)

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