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Monday, April 15, 2013


I feel very unable to do much of anything right now.  

I was driving home from a workout when WITF/NPR reported what was going on.  I will not say I could not believe it; because I could.

The link is BBC America's live coverage and it is working.  Local service in Boston is pretty much shut down, and sites are jammed.  Sites here in America have their issues with it as well.

So far, the Beeb is doing a very calm, measured job at covering the matter.  We are hearing from reporters and others at the site, and what strikes me about it is how calm people are.  They are not putting distraught people on the air for maximum whatever.

I won't give you figures, because they are going to change.  I do hope there are no more than the two deaths reported.

I felt a strange feeling of dread all day; things were just strange.  I had no idea why.

I am a native of New England, and I lived in Boston for nearly ten years.  I know Boylston Street, the site of the explosions very well.  I walked and/or drove down that street many times, though I never was there for the marathon events.

Today, for those who don't know is Patriots Day.  It is a Massachusetts state holiday; the Marathon runs, the Red Sox play an game at Fenway Park with an 11 am first pitch.  It is supposed to be a day of celebration.

From my own experience of being in newsrooms when things like this happen, believe me when I say that the media (at least...the media I WAS TRAINED FOR) does NOT want to report these things.  

I cannot speak for the new generation of alleged media, and those who have replaced many of my colleagues and me in newsrooms and out there in cyberspace.

I have seen the footage, and honestly?  The marathon has been considered a target for a long time; the one in NY and in Boston as well.

From what I have heard and seen, it appears security was in force and reacted quickly and professionally.  For them, we can be grateful.

I feel I can do nothing but take to the blog and write how I feel, and hopefully I can put this in the right words.

We will find out soon enough who is/was involved.  I cannot say for domestic networks, because I am not monitoring them.  The BBC has made a good point of not racing down a darkened corridor screaming bloody murder about Al Qaeda, terrorists, etc.

The discussion is on about how well coordinated the explosions are or were.  Hard to say at this point, but that two went off very close to one another.  I have no idea.

One thing, too:  they are giving equal weight to domestic terrorists, as well as foreign ones.  

Facebook friends, many of them are reporting they are okay, even though friends of mine were close to the blast site.

In the wake of this, I know what's going to happen...there is going to be a gigantic screamfest.

I have a pretty good idea of which media in Boston will do what.  Suit to be followed around the country, if not the globe.

This is a time when I have nothing to do, except this:  let's hope for the best for those up there, and if we can do something to help, then we must do it.

Please think before you post on Facebook, Twitter or social media.  Please do not spew emotional hatred when you don't have the facts.

I don't have any.  You don't have any.

We'll find out soon enough.

This time, it's really hit home for me.  Great sadness for those involved; let us let the authorities do their jobs.  Say what you will about the Boston police, I have friends on the force.  They do their best under difficult circumstances.  

Stay cool.  Breathe.

We can never be 100% safe, but we must not waste our lives looking over our shoulders, afraid the whole world is out to get us.  Too many people do that.  We need not be that way.

We also find a need to point fingers, and attack.  Do not be a part of it.

A friend of mine made an interesting point:  what "friends" post and write on Facebook may not make them friends of hers anymore.  

Harsh?  Don't know.  I've nullifed the newsfeeds of so many people who are friends, because I will not let social/political views ruin what positives we do share.

Still...makes you think.

I'm lighting incense and candles tonight for my friends, fellow Bostonians and the visitors to a great city.  

Peace, Out.