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Thursday, December 29, 2011

2011--Where the Fuck Have I Been?!?

Well, it has been a while since I have blogged.  Since there hasn't been time, you should not be surprised at all that.

I don't really want this to be a Year in Review, but there's a lot to think about for certain.  I think it's going to be a jumbled mass of thoughts and ideas.

How much has gone much has not as well.  I remember saying at the beginning of the year it would be my year; in some ways it has and in others not so much.

Hardly complaining, though.  Let's see if I can figure out the important factors of 2011 before we enter the dreaded 2012.

(Before we go further, I will let you know right now:  I DO NOT BELIEVE THE WORLD WILL COME TO AN END IN 2012, AT ALL!)  Okay, with that out of the way:

The working world remains elusive to me, in terms of full employment and the new brass ring, which is health insurance.  I'll talk about that in a minute.

I got a great opportunity at WITF; the chance to host NPR shows.  I have received some very nice reviews from friends and strangers who have heard me hosting "Morning Edition" and "All Things Considered."  I'm most grateful for compliments and criticisms, and there have been a few.

My reputation of sounding like I know what I'm doing is being put over well, hahahahah!  I also have garnered a reputation for playing some interesting "bumper" music.  If you listen to NPR, you hear strange bits of music they use between segments.  

When you hear me talk, you hear MY music.  It's different stuff, instrumentals and such.  It just comes from my CD collection, most of it is stuff most people would never hear, and it gave me the chance to play Ronnie Earl and the Broadcasters a lot for you!

Also got to play a bunch of Neal Schon, Dave Huttlinger, Santana and Frank Zappa.  Yes, to that last one...heh.  It's become what I do, I guess.

But anyway, the chance to do the NPR thing was one of those jobs that I never thought I had the skill or the "in" to get to do.  My sports job for Radio PA on the other side of the cubicle row, plus a few words of encouragement (thank you Rob Wilber) set me up for it.

So that plus sports jobbing at Clear Channel give me work, but not enough to live on.  I'm not dying, but it's a matter of hanging in there, and still trying to find work that'll cover the bills.

Insurance is now a needful thing; what I buy doesn't count for much.  I will be getting hit with bills for most of my colonoscopy this time.

For those who don't know, I suffer from Ulcerative Colitis, and have since 1994.  I am not sick from it anymore, it's in hand, but I have to get screened every two years because of the possibilities of colon cancer.

This last screening found something that if left there, might have become cancer.  It's gone, so it's all good, but it's not something I take lightly.  Both of my parents died from cancer, and there were probably others on the family tree that dropped from it.

My other health problems have finally been again raising their ugly heads.  The past two months, I was unaware of how badly I was losing the plot.  My depression has been under good control for a long time...but then the anxiety started kicking in.

Ever get that feeling of being overwhelmed, silently?  You have so much going on, and your brain just shuts off.  So you don't remember anything.  Or you have a tunnel vision where there is nothing going on but that one thing in your own universe.

Well, I have had my Zoloft dose doubled; I feel a lot more calm.  A bit better focused, but I worry that it may take away my energy.  It will take a while to get used to it. of today, it is my six-month anniversary of joining a health club and quitting smoking.  For the latter, I still bum one now and then from friends, but I have been surprisingly free of it.  I have been swimming primarily, doing some cardio work, the sauna and other things.

I feel better than I have in 20 years.  I've lost fat, put on some muscle, and I've dropped about 12-15 pounds.  I really do feel great.  Of late, I've not been able to do as much in the pool as I have for a while; either the dreaded plateau, or my body is still adjusting to extra Zoloft.

Then there's my personal life:  my meeting Alice has been a huge blessing.  It is true, we have been on and off the past several months.  We are not "an item," at least not any longer.  But we are good friends, and that has been a huge help.

Alice is more intuitive than even those people who claim they are; she has her own issues going, but she's been able to tap into things with me, and push me in directions I've needed to go.  It may just be she is the first person in years to either have the smarts or the balls to tell me what I needed to hear.

Always nice; I am indebted to her.

Now, that leads me to associations.  I left Moonsong Coven earlier this year; a decision I put off for some time.  The last cable has been cut, and while I miss them, I left in good standing and the proper way.  No regrets; all good.

My spiritual side has been reading Krishna Das' Chants of a Lifetime:  Searching for a Heart of Gold.  Great story of searching and striving; it always goes on.

It's helped bring me back to the chanting that has helped inspire me and keep my head together.  I remain Buddhist, Wiccan, this/that/other; I too keep searching and trying to stay mindful.  Not easy, but you keep doing it.

I have not seen much of the old gang, and I do miss them.  I think however I have had to move on, and let a lot of things go the way they've meant to.  I don't know what any of it means; it is possible that work or real life will move me out of Pennsylvania, but I don't know yet.  

It does not have to; but I need to see what comes next.

Writing:  my agent is still pushing the Sweet Dreams Series, but I wonder now if there's more we must do.  Need to stay on the collaborators, because I think some visual stuff will be a need.

I finished a 600-page draft for Silk Road Days earlier this year, and I've edited it some.  More there I need to do, but it has something special.

Parasite Girls I think also has potential in the adult mainstream fiction market.  I need to consider the projects and what to do next.

Music:  Dan and I still get together to write and play, but nearly everyone else has been busy beyond belief.  What is next there?  I really don't know; not quitting, but wondering.

So it has been one hell of a year; I'm still running through it all and trying to figure out where it all leads.  But that's how it is; you can't just say this, that or the other will happen.  You have to make it happen, and I need to refocus.

Same as always.  Life goes on.  Hope your '11 was good, and we can do what we need to make '12 even better.

Friday, December 16, 2011

An Update on the Maniac...and Other fun Things

"take a look down at the madman..."

"Knife-Edge" by ELP kicked off my laptop iTunes as I begin this blog.  It's been a while since I've written one, and it's time to again take stock of the madness, and the madman...

I just got out of a visit to my doctor, whom I've not seen in 6 years.  Primary issues are again being looked at, and here's what we have going.

My agitated state of mind and body has been noted and logged in more ways than one.  Of late, it has manifested itself into something that is slowly getting out of hand...again.

I've made it no secret that I suffer from depression.  I have been aware of it since I was about 12, and I'm sure it went before that.  With it came the motor agitation that at the time was just put down to general nervousness or hyperactivity.

I have NOT been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder or anything of that sort.  I'm pretty sure that is not my case; I have relatives and friends with it, and I've seen enough to know I'm not that extreme.

But it is extreme enough at times.

My stress level is way blood pressure was 20 points higher than it should have been when they checked me this morning, but that came from the agitation of being late for the appointment and trying to find the place.

This kind of thing is happening way too much lately.  I had been thinking the past few months about what would happen to this country if suddenly things stopped working, and this gives you an idea:

What if...little things we rely on stopped working?

The power going out in the snowstorm recently here...whoa, didn't people get highly pissed at that?

I remember being very worried about my pipes freezing, and the widespread outages made me worry as well for my aging landlords.  But they had a wood stove, so they were okay.  

But that...or even tinier things:

At the Morebucks, the Internet has this very annoying habit of freezing your screens.  A lot.  Free WiFi comes with a w/o warning freezeup that freaks people out.

It is an annoyance for me, but not one I will die over.

But some people freak out over this shit.

Traffic...same thing...I've experienced and viewed how we all get right out of our fucking minds if things don't go just right.

Stress...our E-string gets wound way too tight.

It happens.

Well, for me it has been ongoing as a problem.  I am not a huge fan of "South Park," but the kid named Tweak...that was me at 12.


I identify with him.  

The doc is pretty sure I don't have ADD...she has a kid with it, so I think she'd know.

We had a long talk about the depression, and where it stands.  She noted the tremors in my hands.  Not Parkinson's or anything like that, thankfully.  

But yeah, my past and the stuff I've finally come to terms with...that, plus my feeling so scattered, at a loss, and overloaded with shit.

It is causing problems nearly everywhere I go, and I have to get a grip on it all.

Certain things are in my favor.  I quit drinking 16 years ago because of my intestinal issues, and that's all good.  I stopped smoking six months ago, and I've been working out since then.

My weight is 12-15 pounds less than it was back then, and I do feel a damn sight better.  The workouts have helped relieve a lot of stress, but that's not all of it.

The meds...up they go for a bit.

"Hey Darlin'" by Racing Rain is up...very nice...

I've been on Zoloft for 11 years, a light dose...we're going to up it, and see what happens.  Hopefully I can tolerate it.

Trying as well to find other things to cool myself out, but just that alone does not always work.  

Oh, yes, I have to cut back on the caffeine!  Oh dear...what will I do?

I know what I have to do, so I'll handle it...a switch to tea shouldn't be too bad, and if I can find decaf that doesn't taste like muddy water I'll be happy.

Also, I will be seeing a therapist, I think.

I'm sure you're having images of Woody Allen in "Annie Hall," lying on a couch with some Freudian shrink asking about his sex life.  I don't think it's gonna be like that.  This will be a psychologist, not a shrink.  

"Dukes Intro," Genesis...semi-prog.

I think it will help me work out a bunch of issues that I have tried to handle on my own, and now cannot completely do.  I don't think we're going to find any great breakthroughs here, but I'm not afraid to admit that it might be time for such a thing.

Oh yeah...the man I'm being referred to is Jewish.  HAHAHA!  Isn't that a trip?  Doesn't matter to me, but it is funny, isn't it?

Anyway, I'm really alright, and I think I'll get this taken care of...


I do have to get some parts of my life better organized, and I hope to do that.

Now that I am done with serializing "Take Another Road," I was really hoping for some more opinions and critiques.  Haven't got many, and I'm hopeful someone would take the time to let me know what they thought of it, good, bad, indifferent.


I'm doing one final edit of "Silk Road Days" for now; I will be re-examining the "Sweet Dreams Series" to see what we can do next to make it viable.  I hope to again find a way to make this thing workable, but we need to push harder in certain areas.

"Breakout," an updated jazzy version by Swing out Sister.  I've always loved Corrine Drewrey's as all hell.

So much more to deal with...I'll see what comes next.

And life goes on I suppose...back on WITF this afternoon, then a game on the Ticket...things aren't too bad at all, are they?

Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Finale: Chapter 26, Take Another Road: "Another Road"

This is it!  The final chapter of "Take Another Road!"  I thank everyone who has read through the saga, and I hope to find out your opinions and feelings now that it's done.


Chapter 26—Another Road
            Aimi opened her eyes.  At first wasn’t sure where she was, and had awakened to find herself in a rather cramped position.  Then she remembered, and moved carefully so as not to disturb the person whose arms held her. 
            The two armchairs in the living room had again been pushed together to make a small bed.  But for an old, oversized t-shirt, Aimi was naked beneath the wool blanket wrapped about her and Minoru.
            She thought back to the frantic moments of the night before, as the typhoon blew itself out.  Kaldera had been carried inside after his collapse, but to everyone’s relief regained consciousness almost immediately.  He was brought to the couch, where Saki was ready, a cup of coffee in hand.  As she got him to drink it, Kaldera sniffed, and his sense of humor returned.
            “Found my bottle of Jagermeister,” he observed.  “This’ll be the best cup of coffee I’ve had in a while!”
            Despite all that had happened in the past several hours, everyone had to laugh, and all availed themselves of the food and drink Saki and the others had prepared.  “All of you,” Kaldera said as he headed for the bedroom with Saki’s help, “you did damn well out there.  Every one of you showed courage, and you did indeed work as team.”  Raising his cup, he added, “Here’s to every one of you--I am thankful you are my friends.”
            The others eventually trooped to the shower, while Daisuke borrowed a change of clothes and went to the hospital.  As dawn broke, the group began to crash:  Kaz fell asleep on one end of the couch, while Mei took the other, Midori in her arms.  Minoru opted for the chairs again, and as he climbed into it, he noticed Aimi as she stood in the room. 
            Aimi was wrapped in a thin blanket, and wondered where she should sleep.  She had tried not to let Minoru notice her uncertainty; she didn’t want to assume anything.  At the same time, Aimi could not deny that she wanted to be beside Minoru, now.
            Minoru of course had seen through it.  “Aimi,” he whispered, “you can come here.  Don’t worry, I won’t try anything.”
            Aimi chuckled as she wrapped her blanket more tightly about herself.  “I wasn’t think of that, Minoru,” she replied quietly, and sat on the edge of the chairs.  “But how is this going to look?”
            “Does it matter?”  Minoru’s eyes were heavy, and he replied, “I may not be in my right frame of mind, but I know how I feel for you, Aimi.  You saved my life, my family’s lives--we’ll never be able to repay that.  And while this is not the time or place for acting on it, may I at least say that I love you?  As a friend, but also more, I feel?”
            Aimi smiled, and she reached out and ran her hand through Minoru’s hair.  “I feel it too,” she said quietly.  “I didn’t just go out there for my friends--I went out there for people I love.”
            She shed her blanket, then stepped over the chair and climbed into Minoru’s arms.  She curled her body against his, and Minoru wrapped his blanket around both of them.
            “What did you do out there?”  Saki sat on the bed beside Kaldera as she placed a wet cloth on his forehead.  Kaldera was a feverish, but Saki did not detect much more wrong, apart from that and exhaustion.
            “I called on the powers,” Kaldera explained, his eyes closed.  “I asked for help from the Spirit World, to give me the strength to lead us to our friends, and to bring them home.  I can’t really say much more than that, Saki; it would not make sense to you, and I am still not sure of it all myself.  I am a healer, but not a very good one.  I have had to expend so much energy over the years to heal myself, I wondered if I had anything left to give to others.”
            Saki walked around the bed and removed her tank top as she did so.  “You do,” she said, “and you have.  I have watched you do your work; when you play music, when you sing, and when you teach others--that is how you do it.  The way you have brought these kids together, people who are of different circumstances, but have things in common, that’s a gift.  You have given freely of that gift, Kaldera.  Don’t think you haven’t done anything since then.”
            Kaldera smiled as he watched Saki bend over to remove her underwear, and then slide into bed beside him.  “You are very kind, Saki,” he said, “too kind.”
            “I hardly think so.”  She leaned past Kaldera and turned the key to switch off the antique lamp.  As she lay against him and pulled the bed covers over their bodies, she asked, “One more thing, Kaldera?”
            “The song that was such a big hit in America,” Saki asked, “what song was it?”
            Kaldera chuckled.  “It was the worst of an eight-track demo I gave to a singer friend of mine,” he said.  “He called me a week later to say this song was the one he was going to cut.  I was honored he would record any of them, but I so wished it would have been one of the others.”
            “It must have been a very good song,” Saki posed, “at least in his mind.”
            Kaldera shook his head as he began to drift off to sleep.  “To borrow an old phrase,” he said, “it was a piece of shit.”
            Kaz set a laundry basket full of wet clothes, blankets and other items on the Kudo’s deck.  He had awakened a few hours after the boat’s arrival; everyone else was still down for the count.  Deciding to find something to do without waking up the house, he went down to the boat.
            The Kudo was going to need some repairs before she could put to sea again.  Kaz found no leaks as he inspected the hull; some of the lines, tackle and lighting rig however would need to be replaced.  He’d leave that to Kaldera, but Kaz could at least do some of the housekeeping.
            He looked across the water.  The sun was shining, and it was a beautiful day, apart from the mess the storm had left behind:  two nearby fishing boats were being pumped out, and there was debris of all sorts floating in the water.  Some of the buildings nearby had lost parts of their roofs, and at least one of the dry-docked boats in the yard had been damaged.
            “Kaz!”  He turned and saw Asuka walking up the gangplank.  She was wearing the same clothes she’d had on from the night before, though they were now dry.  Her hair was brushed but frizzy, and she had dark circles under her eyes.
            He found himself rushing to Asuka, and the two embraced.  “Are you all right?”  Kaz asked.  “How are your parents?”
            Asuka clung to Kaz, and said nothing for a long moment.  “They’re fine,” she replied eventually.  “Dad has a separated shoulder, but the doctors told us it is not serious.  Mom is fine, just worn out.  They’re being kept until tomorrow for observation; they released me this morning.  I had Daisuke drop me off here; I wanted to see you, all of you.”
            Kaz looked into Asuka’s face, and down her body.  Her sweatshirt did little to obscure the curves of her body, and her tight, rolled up jean shorts showed all of her lean, toned legs.  She looked so good right now, even in this state, but he quickly averted his eyes to her own. 
            “We’re okay,” he said, “everyone’s still asleep up there.  I came down to get this stuff taken care of.”
            Asuka nodded, but continued to lean on Kaz.  “Is Minoru all right?”
            “Yeah, he’s fine.”
            “That’s good.”  Asuka raised her head and looked up at Kaz.  “You saved us,” she said, “I don’t know how to begin to thank you.”
            “No thanks are necessary, Asuka,” Kaz told her, “don’t even think about it.  We did it because we had to; we’re your friends, and…” 
            Kaz had stopped, and Asuka noticed he had looked away.  She reached up and took his face in her hand.  “What is it?”
            Those fingers, strong yet delicate touched Kaz’s skin.  He again looked to her, then slowly moved one arm around Asuka’s waist, the other about her shoulders.  “You don’t owe me a thing, Asuka,” he stammered.  “I…”  He tried again to turn away, but Asuka held to him, with a strength he hadn’t anticipated.
            “I know,” she replied, “it‘s hard to say what you want, isn‘t it?”
            “Yes.”  Kaz was shaking inside, yet a feeling was rising in him that he could not hold off.  “I have been trying to keep my mouth shut,” he began again, “and my eyes off you Asuka…out of respect for you, and for Minoru.”
            Asuka smiled and nodded approvingly.  “That is very gentlemanly of you, Kaz,” she replied.  “May I ask you a question?”
            “Sure.”  Kaz was only a little taller than Asuka, and he found himself looking down into her face.  It was so close.
            “Minoru told me there is one who loves me that’s very close,” she said.  “Is that one you?  If so, I wish to hear you say it.”
            Kaz blinked.  “Yes,” he said with some difficulty, “it’s me.” 
            He had no chance to say more, as Asuka’s lips met his and the two kissed.  He didn’t know how long they stood there, but the kiss went on for some time.  Both were inexperienced in this, but it didn’t matter.
            Kaz’s eyes opened, the same time as Asuka’s.  He could not speak, only smile.
            Asuka turned to look down the open hatch.  “Come with me,” she said.
            Kaz allowed himself to be led by the hand, down the Kudo’s steps. 
            Dear Journal:  The days that followed the rescue were a whirlwind, almost like the storm itself.  Fortunately none of our friends were badly hurt.  The boat was a total loss, but it was insured.  There were no other serious injuries from that terrible storm either, I’m so relieved.
            Now that the excitement is over, we can move forward again.  Minoru and I are closer now, and everyone seems fine with it.  Asuka and Kaz are dating now, too, and they are a great couple.  Keru seems to approve; he has changed, and it happened even before the storm.  Mei and Midori?  Well, we know about them, and none of us could be happier.
            Mom and Dad were very concerned when they learned what I’d done, but they also knew that I would have laid down my life for my friends.  Kaz’s parents at first thought he’d gone mad, but they were in awe of how brave he was, and are very proud of him.  I am glad for that, because even with their breaking up, Kaz loves them both so much--he’s needed their approval.  Maybe now they see how well he’s turning out.  I can also say that all of us are becoming even better friends; we’re closer than we ever thought possible.
            We got a small write-up in a local newspaper about the rescue, but I don’t consider myself a hero, none of us do.  We did what we had to, and I hope if a situation like that ever arises again, I can act the same way.
 In any case, Keru and his family have been more than grateful; they hosted an event at the club for everyone, and Kaldera performed of course.  This time, it was different:  Marlie joined him onstage, as did Kaz and Minoru!  Kaz sang that new song, and it was wonderful.  We’re all finding ourselves, even me.  I don’t know what I’m going to do after high school, but as my family has said, I should enjoy my youth and my friends.  There will be plenty of time to know what I will become.
            Aimi stood at the bow of the Kudo, in a one-piece black bathing suit.  It was a gift from Minoru; not because he wanted to see her in it (though that might have been an incentive), but he knew that she didn’t like her school suit, either. 
            Today the Other Roads Club would make another trip to the island, but this time it would be even better.  Beside her at the bow was Asuka in her white bikini, and she looked as good as ever.  Arms around one other, Aimi said, “We’re right back where we started, aren’t we?”
            Asuka laughed.  “I suppose so,” she admitted, “but I can’t complain.”
            “Neither can I.”  Kaz and Minoru then joined them at the bow, and Aimi looked behind her.  Mei had overcome her fear of being on a boat, and she made her way forward, wearing a black sarong over a red swimsuit.  Midori followed her in a floral bikini, and they joined the others at the rail. 
            “No seasickness yet, Mei?”  Kaz quipped.
            “Don’t remind me!  No, I’m cool,” Mei replied as she quickly softened her tone.  The day was sunny and wind filled the sails, but the waves were only very slight.  “I’m doing fine.”
            Aimi looked behind them:  Kaldera was at the rail, Keru beside him.  The latter’s arm was still in a sling, but he was in better form, a lit cigar in his teeth as enjoyed the trip.  Nanae sat at the stern alongside Aimi’s parents, and all waved to her.  Saki was also back there, in a black thong standing on the other side of Kaldera.  Daisuke was aboard too, one of Saki’s hostess bar colleagues (similarly attired) as his date for the day.
            Turning to face forward, Aimi said, “We’ve come a long way, and our lives will only get better.”  Pointing ahead, she added, “Look!  Our lives are as open as the horizon.  No matter where we go--I’ll always love you guys, and remember what we’ve been through.”
            Kaz put his hand forward.  “The Other Roads Club--may it live on forever, and may we always take the one less traveled.”
            Everyone put a hand on Kaz’s.  “And that will make all the difference,” Minoru declared.
            “Hear, hear!”  All said, and held to one another as the Kudo took a heavy swell.  Then the music came on again, over the loudspeakers, and Aimi smiled as she looked forward into the sun.

“Take another road to a hiding place
Disappear without a trace
Take another road to another time

On another road in another time
Like a novel from the five-and-dime
Take another road, another time…"


(Author's Note:  "Take Another Road" is written by Jimmy Buffett, Jay Oliver and Roger Guth.  It appears on the album, Off to See the Lizard, 1989.)


That is it, the first of The Other Roads Club trilogy! 

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Finally...a little recognition...

This is kinda cool...I'm sort of putting together all of my jumbled thoughts and other weird shit from the past several days, and it's good to have an opportunity to feel just a tiny bit of recognition for what you do.

It comes all at once I think...and with it, is all this other stuff especially at the time of Yule/Xmas.

"Thunderbird," by John Hiatt is now on my new iPod Classic.  Heehee...been cranking it and lamely burning nearly everything I own to my iTunes on the computer and the new toy.  Over 10,000 songs and counting...heehee.

Now yes, the iPod is my early gift to me; my old friend Jaz has the Walkman now, a going away present for her as she heads to New York State for a new job and I think a new step in life.  I wish her well.

You know, I honestly don't mind if people wish me a Merry Xmas, Happy Holidays or Joyous Yule.  I really don't care; I take it as friendly gestures or politeness.  Doesn't freak me out.

I do not do a lot of shopping though; my family and I stopped that business some years ago, for the money, primarily.  But I do a few little things for certain folk.

Where was I going with this anyway...?

Oh yeah.

I'm slowly girding my loins to get ready for a new book of Young Adult/YA strangeness.  Another examination of a part of my life that has not been touched yet, and will likely be difficult as fucking hell.  But none of it has been; therapy, I guess.

Also have another twisted crazy story working in my brain, I'll get to that one day.

"Abandoned," by Ronnie Earl, from Now My Soul.  Blues...yeah, and as you know I've been playing quite a bit of Ronnie and some other instrumentalists during my substitute hosting on WITF.

Another thread...anyway, I'll be doing a bunch more this month, as a couple of my colleagues take vacation/holiday time.  Be warned, haha.

Okay, here's what happened last night:  Dan and I did not have time to practice, but we headed up to HMAC for Open Mic Night.  Hadn't been there in a while, and it was time to go again.

As been the habit, we followed the compere, the amazing Mike Banks...but I think we did pretty damned well.  "Black Ambition" and "Dark Star" are my songs, and then we followed up with Midge Ure's "Call of the Wild."

Good hands...Dan says a lovely young Asian lady was watching him play...I'll bet she was, I'll bet she was...Alice came to watch Dan and "Mr. Nervous," but she seemed cool with what happened.

Had a nice talk with a folksinger named Matt in the backroom...he wanted to know the chord changes to "Black Ambition."  Nice.  We had a good talk; he followed us, and did some sparse, simple tunes, but really good stuff.  Less is more, he said, and I agree.

Mike paid me a nice compliment...he's been listening to me on WITF, and at first didn't know it was me!  He guessed though, and then heard my name...he also digs the bumper music I've been playing.  I have apparently found a twist that is all my own...heh.

Also got some really cool pics out of if from Mandeek Live--you'll find her on Facebook.  A pro photog who takes really good shots; she also was very complimentary of our music.

My voice, too...I'm honored...oh yeah, and Matt said I sound like Lou Reed!

I've gotten that before, and it is a compliment to me!

A little recognition is very nice...nice to know people are starting to realize that while I may not be the most serious guy in the world, I am about certain things, and I do my best.

Made my day, I gotta tell you...

...back to writing...Silk Road Days is being edited once more, I need to finish that before I can consider anything else.  As I say trying to get my brain wrapped around this new idea of mine.  It reads in my head well, but perhaps better as just a Manga?

Hmmm...won't know till I get it started.

"Set Me Free" by John Cale...interesting stuff...very.

OK, off I go to whatever...