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Friday, February 25, 2011

Another Week of Rewriting

It's Friday evening...I'm once again back at the Office, to see what can transpire through my brain and my fingers tonight.  It has been a busy week.

My job interview on Monday went well, I think...I do not expect to learn anything for a while, as the process is one where others have to be interviewed, and then the decision comes down, all of that.  I am not terribly worried, nor am I anticipating any great news for a little bit.  Would be nice, but we'll see.

TrafficTalk goes between quiet and active; the bosses were out in LA for a meeting with ABC types, and I guess it went well.  Still not sure what they have in mind for us, but I think it's a good step forward.  We shall see.

I did a full examination of The Other Roads Club.  This is a fiction trilogy I wrote in 2009, and is what I wrote after the Sweet Dreams Series.  Like the next one...the first two were good, with minimal editing, but the third needed some help.  Saw an awful lot I did not like about it, and found myself adding some scenes and changing some things.  It reads a lot better now.

Now that ORC-3 has been put back to bed, I need to think about what is next.  I have three manuscripts that have to continue to edit and work on; two I'm feeling accomplished with and the other, I dunno.  Clunker, I suppose.

My friend Riz (the fine writer of Letters from the Disgruntled Fringe, here on this same blogging part of the universe) has written quite openly about her search for a man.  Some of what she writes about is even a bit graphic for my tastes, but not by much.  

I suppose we're all searching and I admit to be searching far afield. It is likely to come to very little, and also there is the element of weirdness that comes about like this.  Whatever the case, hunting for someone never really works for me.

People have asked me the usual question of, "Are you seeing anyone?"  If I were, would I be doing any of this?  

Pennsylvania is a backwater for relationships of any real, lasting type.  One other friend of mine in her quest says men are either desperate for sex or incredibly picky in terms of what kind of person they want.  But we all do that.  Usually, when we do find someone we like, all things get thrown out the fucking window and we forget about it.

This place has no potential for me; most women here are already married or in a relationship, though that is a relative term.  A lot of people (men and women both, folks) seem to want someone to fit into THEIR slots of acceptability, and your own wishes, needs, etc., mean shit.

No fun, folks; why even try?

My Office friend whom I won't name is perpetually on the make, and while the younger ones of my circle can indulge in that, it does not work well for me.  I'm one of the Creepy Old Guys in the Office, I'm afraid; but I hardly feel old, nor do I give a shit what anyone thinks.

I am reminded of mortality; my old Rocky Horror compadre Stacey is right now in MGH, dealing with...a heart attack.  She's younger than me, several years younger I think.  She's gonna make out okay from what we have heard but that certainly does make you think a little bit.

So what now am I doing?  Need to consider what to work on next.  To continue writing is to continue to stay the fuck out of trouble, and to also get myself out of the hole.  

Need to think...need to think a lot...and yet, that appears to be all I have done of late.  

I again am reminded of missing the world I left behind; that is, New England and the gang up there.  Would like to go back again, but I do have little in the way of funds, and I also have to travel to VT this summer for my nephew's wedding.

Urg.  I did have plans to do a retreat of sorts, but I don't know when.  Not a spiritual retreat, but a writer's one.  Don't need to right this second, but I'd rather do it on the spur of the moment.  I'll consider it all later.

I'm rambling...time to get to work.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Can't Talk Too Long Here...

What I gotta do has been a busy and very interesting week.  I cannot write for too long here, because I am in a period of uncertainty.

Tomorrow, I'll know more, and hopefully will have news to share.  I have a very superstitious view of certain things, and I don't plan to discuss any of this publicly, beyond those who know me and/or see me.

Been busy, yes!  TrafficTalk has been slow the past month, but the bosses are putting a happy spin on things.  We did get some attention, some media press and other notes of interest, so it's good.

The bosses are in LA this week; something coming down there, that would be very advantageous.

I have been working through the "Other Roads Club," the anime fiction trilogy I wrote after the bulk of the Sweet Dreams Series.  It's really not bad; but the third one needs a bit of tweaking.  The biggest problem I have is trying to make absolutely sure my characters are real; that is not always easy to do.

The Dharma Fools meet up tonight, and I hope we can get some stuff done.  I want to hear and see more from the gathered, and start working toward getting out there again.  I know that's the view of all of us, or most of us, so we'll take it from there.

Work is busy, but good, can't complain. 

A bit of shocking news just now...a dear friend and former Rocky Horror compadre is in hospital; Stacey apparently has some sort of heart condition.  Her husband says she's gonna make out okay, but for her age, and to have that, is not cool.  I am pulling for her, as we all are.  S. and I, I thought were good friends, though I admit not knowing an awful lot about her.  Then again, being in that show for so many years, we do tend to create our own personas.  Some of them are real, some of them aren't.

Here's hoping for the best for her.

Urg...must get back to work...oh the sports world is fun...Flyers, Daytona 500, NBA All-Star boredom, Temple b-ball, other things to oh joy...heh.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Taxes, My Life, and Other Assorted Thingies

It has been another series of strange days.  I may go backwards in time because I can.  This is fresh in my mind right now.

Just had an interesting hour at the tax office.  Owe the feds, the state owes me, and the township and I are even.

Nice.  I do love my tax lady, she does make all this stress-free...that is the one thing I'm more than glad to pay for.

At the Office, but not for long, as I must get home to get ready for TrafficTalk this afternoon.  Anyway...there is a habit some people at the Office have, which is very bad form.  Ever done this?  Ever see people do this?

Some dude came in with a bunch of bags; okay, thought he'd been shopping.  Turns out he got takeout Chinese food before meeting up with his daughter.  They had lunch here in the Office, with food that actually came from someplace else.

They've told people before you are not supposed to do that.  Now personally, if the food's not smelly I would not really care...but you would not go into a restaurant and bring food from another restaurant to eat in there, would you?  No.  Form, politeness, intelligence?

Johnny came over last night and he's got a new song which is fabulous.  Merryiad did not arrive, due to family issues, and so Dan was left home without a way to get to us.  We didn't know he'd be left hanging.

Oh, didn't my bass player go off on a RANT over the past few days!  He unloaded on Facebook about shit going on Saturday here at the Office; thankfully I was working and didn't experience what he did.  Guess it was pretty horrid.  Needless to say, I know the feeling. I been 'dere.

He also had a few things to say about V-Day.  You know, I actually made it through the whole day yesterday not realizing it was even V-Day.  I was just plain busy yesterday.

Zoomed up to Harrisburg again, zoomed back down home to get to work, then the night thing.

I have a bunch of stuff going here, there and elsewhere.  I don't know what I'm doing next...I'll figure it out I suppose.

Anyway, I am fortunate to have enough $$$ leftover to deal with juggling the finances to pay the IRS.  I like getting this shit outta the way, you know?  Quicker it's gone, the better I feel.

I recently went back to the "Other Roads Club," which is the anime trilogy I wrote in '09, following my finish of the "Sweet Dreams Series."  I like leaving things be, then going back and having another bash at the stories.  The refreshing of the brain allows me to look at them in a better light.

Also wrote and rewrote bits of "Out Among the Stars."  Some of that was not right, and I had to fit a few things in here and there.  Turned out well.

Oh, now what?  I am trying not to worry too much about things.  I'll need to see what other trouble I can cause before I go to work, haha!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Out Among the Stars; the Music, the Song, the Book, and the Considerations

Well, I've finished another rewrite and edit of my latest book, "Out Among the Stars."  Who knows when this will come much before to push, but then again, you never know, I suppose.

The song that inspired the story is at the link:

I have to admit, Merle Haggard's version is the one I first heard.  This one is by the writer, Adam Mitchell.  Waylon Jennings also recorded this song, but to me Merle got the sensitivity right.

I don't know why, but Adam and Waylon both did this a little too sing-songy, for the subject matter.  I could not find Merle's version on Youtube.

Anyway, just so you know, this song merely inspired me to write, but it is NOT based on the song entirely, nor on its subject matter.  The story is based on sentiments in the song, and very personal thoughts I've been having about certain aspects of my life, and the lives of others.

The song fits; the story is broader in scope and even better with all the twists I've fitted into it.

Anyway, it is a very interesting song.  Unfortunately, I don't think any of Mr. Mitchell's albums are on CD, which is a shame.

Having never heard the guy beyond that he was the writer of this song, he reminds me of a lot of singer-s0ngwriter types who recorded in the 70's.  I can think of James Taylor, but more the Randy Vanwarmer type of writer and performer here.

Either way, a great song. 

The week beyond this has been busy, with all the usual things...I finally feel that after a few weeks of working this story, and making the requisite changes, additions and so on, I can now step back from it and think about other things.

I do hammer things pretty hard it is.

Love to know what you think of this song, and also if you are a writer, do things like this suddenly become the seed for you to go all out and create something even bigger?

Monday, February 7, 2011


Well, it's a joke really...other than waking up the past two mornings feeling like someone kicked me in the temple with the heel of a boot, it's not been so bad.

The weekend...Saturday off, concept.  B/C's wedding was a great success, a wonderful ceremony, and got to see a whole lot of old friends.  

More questions about the Dharma Fools.  I'm taking steps to deal with the matter of Sunday nights...more on that later.

I spent a lot of Saturday listing to my German Import, 40th Anniversary Box Set of the Who:  Live at Leeds.  Blisteringly loud fucking rock and roll!  The whole thing, lovely; have yet to get to "Live at Hull," the concert from the next night, both CDs of that.

The 60-page monster book that accompanies the box is awesome; it also includes a poster I must get framed, and vinyl.

Yes, records, remember those things?  A re-release of the original 6-track album, and a re-release of the single of "Summertime Blues" and "Heaven and Hell."  Nice...

Sunday...extra hours at work, and the Super Bowl...okay, SB 45 was an excellent game, one of the better ones.  Congrats to the Pack, they were the better team and peaked at the right moment.  I really had no horse in the race, and just hoped the game was good.

The Commercials:  the Audi one, "Hit 'em with the Kenny G" was brilliant and the best.  The Eminem commercial on Detroit was good; didn't know it was him until he got out of the car.

The Worst:  the Pepsi and Doritos commercials SUCKED!  The Pepsi one with the pug was cute, but you knew what would happen.

Movie promos, pretty good.

The Halftime Show:  yeah, I watched it.

The Good:  Slash!  I disagree with my friend Becky on Fergie doing "Sweet Child O' Mine."  She did it well.  The group itself was pretty tight.

The Bad:  USHER!  Who the FUCK brought that loser in?


This is why I don't go to concerts anymore:  if I want to see lights, dancers, jumping around and NO BAND, I'll go to a Broadway show.

But the game was great.

Okay...back to the Office.  Saw two old friends, Tina and Lynne; got to chat with them a bit.  The Coffeehouse Preacher and Loudmouth were here to fill up the Wardroom early, and of course going on about the SB, the commercials...the Preacher's self-righteously offended about the Tibet commercial.  It wasn't exactly quite a good idea, but be real.  He's just showing off.

Now...I've finished my edit on "Out Among the Stars."  I'm thinking after talking with Lynne, I need to consider getting out of the adult novel thing.  I've now written three with adults in it, and there's been some serious self-examination.  Maybe not enough; need to dig deeper, but I'm not sure if that will work.  Yet.

I've talked to the boss at WITF about doing just the early shift on Sundays, most of the time so the DF's can play again.  See what goes on there.

Back to TrafficTalk; see how the buzz is going with that, and see if we get a few more calls...

Friday, February 4, 2011

The Week, Stuff, the Weekend, the Super Bowl, Beth/Chip's Wedding, and the Who...

It has been a long and busy week...a new routine means getting up in the morning.  Odd, doing that after nearly 2 years of not having to.

I have been busy, very busy...TrafficTalk has kept me so in the DC area for the afternoons, and slowly we are getting a bit of traction in the blogosphere.  

Doing another mad edit of "Out Among the Stars."  It's slowly taking shape and getting a little better, but there's much more to do with it.

It's been weird, all of it...right now sitting in the Deatheria Mall parking lot while Kaitryth does her shopping.  My semi-pro driving job still exists, as her Neon is pretty much dead.  But it looks like she and Chris will save the house, so all's good.

A rare Saturday off, but there's a reason.  Tomorrow, during the sleet, freezing rain and snow promised for the day, the Silver Saturn will hopefully take me up the hill from my house to Rocky Ridge Park, where Beth and Chip will finally get married!  Oh, such won't all be "outside," but it shall be a joyous day, and we'll see lots of peeps we have not seen in too long.  Congrats in advance, you two!

Sunday, I will be working for KYW/WITF, and oh joy of joys, I get a couple extra hours, and I'll get to watch Super Bowl Ecks Ell Vee and do updates on it.  Oh joy...

I don't even care who wins this game.  I think the Steelers have the inside track to win, but the Packers have a very explosive team on both sides of the ball.  Should a great one...or a total blowout.

I do NOT care that Christina Aguifuckilera is going to moan the National Anthem, nor do I give a fuck that the Black Eyed Dimwits are doing the halftime show.  As it's at Cowboys Stadium, the running bet is Fergie will wear a Cowgirls Cheerleader outfit...that may, or may not be worth watching.  Note I said "watching."

Even more sickening...Obama will be interviewed by O'Reilly.  That will suck balls, because O'Reilly is a coward at heart and won't try to interview Obama...and Obama's too professional to tell O'Reilly that is a misogynistic dirtbag who has no moral fiber or character.  Add to it, Obama has this "I'm Cool" mentality that either makes people love him or hate him.  Who the fuck cares?

I don't.

My real life is a bit more important than all that, thank you very fucking much.

So yes...I do have to consider the making of a living again.  I'm not starving, nor in any financial trouble, thankfully.  I can hold off the bill collectors for now, and they don't have to know how I'm doing it.  My credit rating is sound, for what I don't know.  No need to buy a house, or a car or anything big.

Well, except one thing...I had been eyeing this Who box set, behind the registers at the Office for a while now, but I didn't know what it was.

Got my 40% off coupon, my Borders Bucks and my 10% off 'cause I'm there...I was first in line at checkout (lame, I know) to ask if I could see it.

Oh my...God.

Box Set, German Import of Live at Leeds, considered by many to be one of the greatest live recordings ever.

Not just the Leeds show (all of it, including all of Tommy); the Hull show that they did the next night; a vinyl reissue of the original, six-track EP; a vinyl 45 reissue of Summertime Blues/Heaven and Hell; a poster of Townshend, a 60-page book, and fuck knows what else is in there.

Got it for 50% off...yes, I rock.  And that box sure as hell will.

I've been trying also to stave off the Black Dog; it's been creeping back, but not with much success, thankfully.  Certain little aspects of my personal life it's nipping at, and I'm doing my best to keep it at bay.  

Urg.  It's not fun.  I've been doing so well for a while now.

I do realize that my personal life is not a very good one; other than I still do smoke on occasion, I think healthwise I'm all right.  I don't have the money or the incentive to do things that other people do, i.e., bars (don't drink), clubs (boring), movies (even more boring...all I see now are fucking remakes in the theatres, fuck that), and other shit people do.

Yes, I hang at the Office a lot, because it is where I can sit and read, edit, write and enjoy very well made coffee/espresso drinks for very little money and enjoy my time around the human race.

Now, we hear that Borders is facing bankruptcy.  Not total closedown mode; more like 150-175 stores may go down.  Not this one, hopefully.

Oh well...that's life in the breakdown lane, as my old radio friend Jess Hamilton used to say.  Away we go.