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Friday, February 4, 2011

The Week, Stuff, the Weekend, the Super Bowl, Beth/Chip's Wedding, and the Who...

It has been a long and busy week...a new routine means getting up in the morning.  Odd, doing that after nearly 2 years of not having to.

I have been busy, very busy...TrafficTalk has kept me so in the DC area for the afternoons, and slowly we are getting a bit of traction in the blogosphere.  

Doing another mad edit of "Out Among the Stars."  It's slowly taking shape and getting a little better, but there's much more to do with it.

It's been weird, all of it...right now sitting in the Deatheria Mall parking lot while Kaitryth does her shopping.  My semi-pro driving job still exists, as her Neon is pretty much dead.  But it looks like she and Chris will save the house, so all's good.

A rare Saturday off, but there's a reason.  Tomorrow, during the sleet, freezing rain and snow promised for the day, the Silver Saturn will hopefully take me up the hill from my house to Rocky Ridge Park, where Beth and Chip will finally get married!  Oh, such won't all be "outside," but it shall be a joyous day, and we'll see lots of peeps we have not seen in too long.  Congrats in advance, you two!

Sunday, I will be working for KYW/WITF, and oh joy of joys, I get a couple extra hours, and I'll get to watch Super Bowl Ecks Ell Vee and do updates on it.  Oh joy...

I don't even care who wins this game.  I think the Steelers have the inside track to win, but the Packers have a very explosive team on both sides of the ball.  Should a great one...or a total blowout.

I do NOT care that Christina Aguifuckilera is going to moan the National Anthem, nor do I give a fuck that the Black Eyed Dimwits are doing the halftime show.  As it's at Cowboys Stadium, the running bet is Fergie will wear a Cowgirls Cheerleader outfit...that may, or may not be worth watching.  Note I said "watching."

Even more sickening...Obama will be interviewed by O'Reilly.  That will suck balls, because O'Reilly is a coward at heart and won't try to interview Obama...and Obama's too professional to tell O'Reilly that is a misogynistic dirtbag who has no moral fiber or character.  Add to it, Obama has this "I'm Cool" mentality that either makes people love him or hate him.  Who the fuck cares?

I don't.

My real life is a bit more important than all that, thank you very fucking much.

So yes...I do have to consider the making of a living again.  I'm not starving, nor in any financial trouble, thankfully.  I can hold off the bill collectors for now, and they don't have to know how I'm doing it.  My credit rating is sound, for what I don't know.  No need to buy a house, or a car or anything big.

Well, except one thing...I had been eyeing this Who box set, behind the registers at the Office for a while now, but I didn't know what it was.

Got my 40% off coupon, my Borders Bucks and my 10% off 'cause I'm there...I was first in line at checkout (lame, I know) to ask if I could see it.

Oh my...God.

Box Set, German Import of Live at Leeds, considered by many to be one of the greatest live recordings ever.

Not just the Leeds show (all of it, including all of Tommy); the Hull show that they did the next night; a vinyl reissue of the original, six-track EP; a vinyl 45 reissue of Summertime Blues/Heaven and Hell; a poster of Townshend, a 60-page book, and fuck knows what else is in there.

Got it for 50% off...yes, I rock.  And that box sure as hell will.

I've been trying also to stave off the Black Dog; it's been creeping back, but not with much success, thankfully.  Certain little aspects of my personal life it's nipping at, and I'm doing my best to keep it at bay.  

Urg.  It's not fun.  I've been doing so well for a while now.

I do realize that my personal life is not a very good one; other than I still do smoke on occasion, I think healthwise I'm all right.  I don't have the money or the incentive to do things that other people do, i.e., bars (don't drink), clubs (boring), movies (even more boring...all I see now are fucking remakes in the theatres, fuck that), and other shit people do.

Yes, I hang at the Office a lot, because it is where I can sit and read, edit, write and enjoy very well made coffee/espresso drinks for very little money and enjoy my time around the human race.

Now, we hear that Borders is facing bankruptcy.  Not total closedown mode; more like 150-175 stores may go down.  Not this one, hopefully.

Oh well...that's life in the breakdown lane, as my old radio friend Jess Hamilton used to say.  Away we go.

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