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Sunday, January 30, 2011

People Who Post Strange Things on Facebook...

I will be the first to admit to you that I do put some funny, hopefully interesting and different things up on the almighty Facebook, but sometimes I do have to wonder about the status updates.

First, Pot Meet Kettle...yeah, I've put some silly ones up, too.  I'm sure my friends didn't need to know I was producing the Hershey Bears game the other weekend, and what the score was...that was in fun.

Now...some people really do go overboard.

Case in point:  an unnamed friend who likes to give detailed announcements of everything they are doing.  What they're making for dinner, what religion they're studying (now), and what an (insert inventive adjective here) brat they have for a child.

Now, that's actually three different people!  Not personalities, people...I said "friend" just to give you the idea here.

The nutbaggery continues with one friend who is detailing her newfound love of firearms.  She of course is being encouraged by the National Gun Freak Association wannabes who still think Barack Obama is a Muslim, a Kenyan and is planning to take their precious penises (uurrrr! guns) away.

Sometimes it's too much information, folks.  I don't have a problem if you are fascinated with guns, and consider them an extension of what little manhood or womanhood you have, or actually have a fairly rational, mature attitude towards their use and storage.  

I grew up in a family of hunters, and I was schooled very early on in terms of gun safety.  Most of that is lost on people, sad to say.  I don't care whether you own a gun (or guns) or not; I choose not to own one, because I don't hunt and I don't need one.

Back to the crux of it all...we do put a ton of weird shit up there.  We promote ourselves (I do, I admit), but sometimes we also seem to be reaching for someone or something, to find out if people actually know we're there.

Interesting thoughts, no?

Well, I'm pretty sure I'm here, so we'll leave it at that.

I finished my rough draft of "Out Among the Stars," and it does need some stuff, but I feel very happy over what I think will be a good story, in time.

Off to work soon...strange days, indeed.

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