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Saturday, January 15, 2011

"Did you ever get the feeling you've been cheated?"--John Lydon

I sometimes wonder if I have...there is a strange influx of weirdness going on right now.  A lot of it has to do with my current situation, and perhaps my concerns about where it's all going.

I have to go work soon to do the KYW 1060 sports shift; no big deal, and it's work that I have no problems with.  Last night was interesting...three of the Dharma Fools caught up and we did some work on a song of Dan's.

The rhythm is still in my brain, and hasn't gone away.  My role in the song is minimal, which is fine.  It's a difficult piece, because it's in a key that I know nothing about...I know nothing about keys anyway.

I have started to wonder about my directions.  The radio biz is the same, no changes planned for there.  Then there's the band, TrafficTalk starts next Tuesday.

I also have to wonder about the potential offer of another job coming my way.  I don't know what to make of it, because I've heard and seen nothing that tells me anything is coming.

Had a very strange moment in the dead of night:  I awoke to one of the more unusual experiences I've faced in recent years.  Got the very strong premonition that something bad had happened, or would happen.

Ever get that really strange feeling?  That extremely creepy feeling that shit is about to hit the fan, and probably you?

It was a form of partial paralysis.  Nothing was wrong with me, but I wondered immediately about my family, and then the people closest to me.  Had something happened?  Well, I've not heard from anyone, so perhaps it was just my imagination.  Very weird.

I'm feeling very conflicted, and uncertain.  I need to see what is going to go down here, in the next few days, and a lot of it will deal with my schedule, and also what I must do for those important things.

I finished another edit of "The Beauty Way" this afternoon.  I've written in some new scenes, but it's still not right.  There's something missing, and some of the scenes and characters are disjointed, badly.

Need to figure that out, before I can consider the next project.  That one's coming on...and I gotta find the time to work that one out before I try anything with it.

I may well have overextended again; but it may also have to do with the fact that for two years, I've done pretty much what I wanted.  Rather enjoyed that freedom; maybe I don't want to be tied down anymore.

Who knows...?

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  1. I was having those feelings last week. I hate that. It might be the weather--there's been something slightly off with it this year, a lesser malevolence.

    Sorry, blathering. But I totally get it.