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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Gas...of Varied Kinds

Been a very weird last couple of days here.  Yesterday, I was gassed...out of energy, still recovering from the Weekend from Hell.  I did accomplish one or two things.

Had a long talk with the Chess Guy.  He's a heretofore unnamed regular at the Office; I've seen him on and off, playing chess and teaching it to different folks, mostly kids.

Turns out his name is Russell and he's a former member of a band called Secret Weapon.  A funk band in the 80's, had one hit.

He's a multi-instrumentalist, and Russell struck up a convo with me about my MacBook Pro, then we veered off into music (he correctly guessed I am a musician of sorts), and I heard a bit of a demo of his, and his working on a book about chess and spirituality, and about his working with a guy in York who has a recording studio...

...lots of talking as you can imagine.

So he's gonna talk to his friend/partner, and perhaps I might just have some work in the city at the studio.  Don't know if I can help them or if this is something I wish to do, but I will find out. -- Oh dear.

Looks like we MIGHT be a go tomorrow.  If not, next week.

AT&T is the problem here; callers are not able to call in for some reason, via that carrier.  Strange.

Okay...drove with Kaitryth down to MD; a Wegman's run, a stopoff at Caribou Coffee (my Maryland Office), and errands.

More snow...3-5 inches here, allegedly, but the coast and New England is gonna get it again.  Fun.

Dusting here right now, not much more.  Almost looks like it's changing over to rain.  I'd rather have that to be honest.

I am starting to consider the social networking thing again.  I need it for work, for my art, etc.  But I have to consider what I don't need, and I must be mindful of staying away from what else goes down.

In the wake of the Arizona shooting, the righties, the conservatives, and the anti-Obama crowd have been rallying to defend Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Rush and the others.

The typical whine of the right is:  "BUT THE LIBERALS DO IT TOO!"

No, they don't.  The left, Democrats, progressives, whatever you want to call them do not call for "SECOND AMENDMENT..." solutions like Sharon Angle did.  They don't "LOCK AND LOAD" like Palin demanded, and also didn't put crosshairs on the pictures of Democratic Congresspeople.  One of them was Congresswoman Giffords.

I'm sure Jared Loughner's psycho mug shot will be splashed across the cover of Newsweek (to me, the nation's worst newsmagazine), and the others, too.  

Meet Jared Loughner:  the New American Hero.  The New American Martyr for Your Rightwing, Personal Paranoia.

As a member of the media, I know what those idiots in the corporate world did in the past, and we'll just do it all again.

We made a hero out of David Koresh, a child molester and sexual pervert who ran a religious cult of personality, and was involved in gunrunning.  His destruction of the Waco compound was done on his orders, not the government's.  His rants and raves were aired all across the media, and the paranoid androids of the right had a new hero.

One of them:  Timothy McVeigh.  Remember him?

The Gulf War I Veteran who blew up the federal building in Oklahoma City.  Suddenly, here's yet another one, another hero for the freaks.  And a martyr, now that he's dead.

Jared Loughner stands to be the next one.  Such fun, our media world.  The gasbagging of what his political and religious views were are fodder for both sides, and one side in particular is distancing itself as quickly as it can.

This nation is in the shitter, when it comes to humanity, and we can thank the right for that.  

I know, the conservatives out there are gonna attack, me using the same old bromides, emotionalist rants, and excuses.  They are really good at excuses, or sniffing their noses at proof.

Far as I'm concerned:  go ahead.  Rant, rave, scream, twist your guts inside yourselves and enjoy the ulcers you cause yourself.  Keep on making threats, go right ahead, because I know it makes you feel so manly, so righteous, and so AMERICAN.

Just remember:  you wanna man up, and make threats, and act like a jackwagon in public?  You threaten me?  You will have a date with the local police.  Wanna act like a man?  Then the police will treat you like a man; one that will have a lot of explaining to do.

I hope that as I've gotten older, that I have matured a little bit.  The way I used to speak is not that same as it once was.  I don't want anyone to be hurt for their political or social views, no matter what they are.

Everyone has a right to how they feel and think; can we not agree to disagree without name-calling, threats, and acting like a bunch of grade-schoolers in the yard during recess?  Sorry to the grade-schoolers who don't act that way.

Breathe, folks; every one of us has gotta breathe, step back, and think.  Don't drink the kool-aid; don't smoke the joint of self-righteousness.  Hang in there.  We'll come out of it better people, I hope.

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