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Friday, January 14, 2011

Another Long Week, and Weekend Coming

First, a shameless plug:

Go here to see a rough mix of a new Dharma Fools track, tentatively called "For Whom the Bell Tolls (For You)."  This is one of Dan's guitar pieces, spiced up by Johnny's lead licks and effects, plus his video wizardry.

The song was worked on by the three of us tonight.  Dan added a bass part, and I have a semblance of a rhythm guitar as well.

There are words, Johnny's working on those.  So a good night.

My Pro Tools is acting fun...gotta figure what's wrong there.

A long week...I've made some decent headway on "The Beauty Way," a book I wrote last summer, and have finally begun to edit properly, as well as add new scenes, and flesh it out.  Still a short book, 170 pages...there will be more to add to it, hopefully.

I'm beat...a weekend of work coming, and hopefully TrafficTalk kicks off on Tuesday.  We've done a bit more walking through, and I think this is gonna be a good go. has more on what we're doing.

I ran into Chess Guy again today; that meeting was postponed about a recording studio, so we'll see how that went tonight.  I need to see this place, and see how I might fit in, if possible.

Not counting anything before it's done; I'll see what comes down.

I'm falling I need to crash...but I have more to write!

Urg.  Finished reading Larry McMurtry's "The Last Picture Show."  A good, but dark and stark read in a lot of ways.  Something good to learn from, that is for certain.  Quite liked it on a lot of levels.

Now I'm off...

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