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Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011--Born in a High Wind

Things are very interesting.

I rang in 2011 in more ways than one up in Selinsgrove.  I remember nearly everything, being that I was the one sober person in the whole house.

Riz came down to "Eastbumfuck, PA" (her quote) to hang with our former theatre compadre KJ, her friend Toya and their little offspring.  You know what I think of kids, but y'know, they're good ones.  I have not learned something of the ways of dealing from being around Beth, Chip, Branden, Penny and the numerous other parental units in my life over the years for nothing.

One word to bear in mind:  TEQUILA.

Very dangerous thing, tequila.  I never liked the stuff in my drinking years, but the ladies went off on the stuff, mostly Riz and KJ.

Now, Riz is one of my best real friends.  We are both insane, we are both writers, we are both performers.  We understand and recognize the madness in each other.

KJ it turns out was the costume tech for "A Comedy of Eros," a play that Riz co-directed and co-starred in.  I was her opposite character.  This was '96.

So yeah...KJ remembered me quite well, but I did not recall her for quite some time.  Really weird that is.

It was one hell of a night, one hell of a morning, and one HELL OF A FUCKING WEEKEND.  Thank you for having me, gang.

Now...Riz is the author of a certain blog:

I am going to warn you:  be careful when you click on.  You may not be ready for Riz's perspective of that night.

It means that change is coming on.  I feel like what happened up there to me also is bringing about change, and it's a good one.  I think.

I hope.

Oh was something else, and I'm honestly happy about it.  Things all come down at once on me, and that's bloody normal.  I'll see what the fuck goes on from here.

I am working the weekends at WITF/KYW, and I'll soon start the training on TrafficTalk in earnest.  Need to see what else goes down here.

Writing...need to make the time.  Fuck, I may have to set up a schedule.  Yuck!  I hate scheduling, anything.

Okay.  I need to go and get some shit taken care of.  All I know is, as I've mentioned, this is my fucking year.

That song is the right one..."I was born in a high, high wind..."

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  1. T'anks for the plug, m'friend. I am still feeling a bit weird. My heart is so torn, but... change is never easy.
    So glad you were there; it was an incredibly special night.
    Onward, into the gale...
    Much, much love,Riz