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Sunday, January 30, 2011

People Who Post Strange Things on Facebook...

I will be the first to admit to you that I do put some funny, hopefully interesting and different things up on the almighty Facebook, but sometimes I do have to wonder about the status updates.

First, Pot Meet Kettle...yeah, I've put some silly ones up, too.  I'm sure my friends didn't need to know I was producing the Hershey Bears game the other weekend, and what the score was...that was in fun.

Now...some people really do go overboard.

Case in point:  an unnamed friend who likes to give detailed announcements of everything they are doing.  What they're making for dinner, what religion they're studying (now), and what an (insert inventive adjective here) brat they have for a child.

Now, that's actually three different people!  Not personalities, people...I said "friend" just to give you the idea here.

The nutbaggery continues with one friend who is detailing her newfound love of firearms.  She of course is being encouraged by the National Gun Freak Association wannabes who still think Barack Obama is a Muslim, a Kenyan and is planning to take their precious penises (uurrrr! guns) away.

Sometimes it's too much information, folks.  I don't have a problem if you are fascinated with guns, and consider them an extension of what little manhood or womanhood you have, or actually have a fairly rational, mature attitude towards their use and storage.  

I grew up in a family of hunters, and I was schooled very early on in terms of gun safety.  Most of that is lost on people, sad to say.  I don't care whether you own a gun (or guns) or not; I choose not to own one, because I don't hunt and I don't need one.

Back to the crux of it all...we do put a ton of weird shit up there.  We promote ourselves (I do, I admit), but sometimes we also seem to be reaching for someone or something, to find out if people actually know we're there.

Interesting thoughts, no?

Well, I'm pretty sure I'm here, so we'll leave it at that.

I finished my rough draft of "Out Among the Stars," and it does need some stuff, but I feel very happy over what I think will be a good story, in time.

Off to work soon...strange days, indeed.

Friday, January 28, 2011

The 99th Page Blogfest!

It's time for the Blogfest!  Thanks to Alicia and Riz for getting me into this...I'm not sure how this is going to work, if it even will at all...HTML is a pain in the ass, and I don't know if the link below will even work:

<script src="" type="text/javascript" ></script>

That's a linkup for other bloggers to get involved.  You can also go to "Slice of the Blog Pie," Leesh's site to find out more. Now, for the instructions I pirated from Leesh:

"When reading this page and all the others, you should focus and answer the following three questions:

1. Would you turn to page 100?
2. Why or why not?
3. Based on what you read, how likely would you buy the book?

In true Page 99 test fashion, I'm giving you anything about the story except the genre."

This is from the first book of "The Outcast Society" trilogy, subtitled, "The Way We Are."


            A huge paw came out, but Miya felt Tomo’s grip as a polite, rather than strong one.  “Good to meet you, Miya,” he said, his voice loud due to the noise all around, “welcome.”
            Miya thanked him as Ryu said, “Tomo’s gonna blow those poseurs away, isn’t that right?”
            “Hey,” Tomo replied with a laugh, “that’s my cousin up there on guitar!  But yeah, I know; they’re just getting started, they’ll get better with time.  By the way, Miya,” he added, “I can play just about anything, so don’t be afraid to ask.  No need to bribe, either; if you’re one of Ryu’s friends, you’re one of mine.”
            As Tomo headed for the booth, Kani explained, “Tomo makes a lot on tips to play requests.”
            “I see.”  Miya was quite content to sit and watch the band from here, especially as Kani was with her.  Once Black Death had finished (to polite applause and a few cheers from their more devoted fans), Tomo started out with a thundering track by Mussolini Headkick, but then overlaid what sounded like hip-hop scratching from another record that was all drums.
            “If you could see Tomo up there,” Yoshi told him, “you’d be amazed.  He does crazy stuff.”
            The dance floor was now filling up as the star of the club was on, and Miya soon found herself back on the floor, right across from Kani.  There wasn’t much space as more dancers crowded on, and Miya didn’t see anyone else in the flashing lights.  She reached out, and she and Kani caught each other by the arms.  Miya pulled her closer, and that was good enough for her.


I await your thoughts, and answers...

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dentists, Shady Dealers, Publishers and that Fucking Train Song!!!

Do forgive me if I haven't mentioned by way of explanation how much I hate that "Hey Soul Sister" song by Train.

The singer is featured on the cover of Pro Audio Magazine, using some wireless mic.  I had to be reminded; then I had to hear that fucking song again in the dentist's office today.

They were playing "The Blend" via my old company, Sirius/XM.  Sounds like any boring, conservative Adult Contemporary, No Blacks Allowed radio station.  Shitty A/C songs, one after the other.  I would rather have had muzak.

The Train song is one of the worst singles I have ever heard in my life.  It's sad that the title track of the album it is from, "Save Me, San Francisco" is a great song.

That whiny voice singing about Mr. Mister, one of the worst of the 80's pop groups, his girlfriend "cutting a rug," does that asshole even know what that actually means...just awful, soulless, sappy lyrics with too many hooks.

But I digress.

I've had my teeth and gums dug through for the final time this morning at the dentist.  The lower right needed it bad; this is what you get for not going to a dentist for 22 years.

But other than five fillings over the past few months and the deep cleaning, I do have the beginning stages of periodontal disease.  Not as bad as it seems; caught it in time, gotta do that stuff they tell you to do.  Still, yuck.

My old friend Peter Carli has often said when it comes to the music business:  "There's the music business, and there's the music BUSINESS."

How true.  There are also a lot of people in this business you need to be careful of.  I'm not too pleased with reports I've gotten about recent individuals who have left a bad taste in the mouths of others.

It's part of it; you need to watch your ass.  

Getting the bad taste of Train out of my mouth with Slayer, the ORB and other music...cleansing, ahhhh...

Now...good news @ last:  my agent informs me that another publisher has agreed to read the first book, Sweet Dreams:  Searching for Roy Buchanan.  Puts the count back to four that are considering it.  

Very nice to hear.  Still working on "Out Among the Stars," my latest creation.  We're at the end of Chapter 11, but as usual, there's holes all over the place.  My hope is to get the first draft out, then I can go back and piece things together properly.

This is pretty normal; I'm not too worried about it yet.

Nasty weather; three or four inches of heavy wet snow, and while it's stopped, my guess is there will be more.  The big worry I'm having right now, is that it'll freeze on tonight.  That will suck wind.

Also considering my hill to the house goes straight up, then angles 90 degrees to the left, while still going straight up.  Lovely.

Okay...stuff to do...!

Monday, January 24, 2011

I've Been Profiled!

Must say I'm not sure if this is a good thing or not:  go here...

I am the first of the nearly dozen or so hosts of TrafficTalk to be "profiled."  I'm rather flattered by how my bosses took my few notes of biography and made them look good.

At the same time, I wonder how this is going to work.  It might provide a look into me a bit, and then that might stimulate conversation, I suppose.

Well, it is nice to get some recognition, even though we've only been on a few days.  Back at it today, and I'll just do my best, the way the rest of us have.

The first week went really well, and I do believe this venture is well worth doing.  It does have a future, we just have to grow it.

It was a long weekend, and I'm back to work on "Out Among the Stars."  Hopefully I'll get a chance to update tonight...or whenever...

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A new schedule, and the Full Moon

I am having to get used to the idea of getting up in the morning.  I don't necessarily have to do this, because my TrafficTalk shift does not start until 3 pm.

But I need to do it; I have to have a certain sense of order for the schedule that now will be my life, at least for the foreseeable future.

My weekend work is about all that brings any $$$ in, but that could change.  I'm interested in looking about to see what else exists out there for me to do.

Not in any serious trouble, in fact I'm in decent shape.  Bills all paid, can't complain.

Day 2 of TrafficTalk was quiet, but good.  Slowly, we are getting some interest in the project, and the word is spreading.  

I find it's not too bad being in the house, in front of the computer, because I do have time to check the status of the tools I need, and also think about the things I have to do.  Sort of a good reorganization time.

Tonight, Moonsong held the full moon, or esbat.  Nor wrote and led a short, but deep one.  We made talismans, with herbs, and it is a time to consider our creativity.

I certainly have a fair amount, but there is more going into mine.  A certain hope for mindfulness once again; focus to keep working on the writings, the new and the old, the new work, the current projects, and the hope that I can move forward in other aspects of my life.

A very mellowed out, but still odd tenseness for me right now.  Nor did a very good esbat, and it's put me into a place where I can examine, think and look within a bit more.  

I am feeling a bit at the crossroads; it is nearly two years to the day that I was let go from Sirius/XM, and I thought my radio career was over.  I was prepared for that, and accepted it as a part of my life that had passed on.

But no, I'm back in it, part-time, but it's good.  My weekends are now very busy, but it works well for me, at least at this point.  I have time to devote to TrafficTalk, a new venture that I feel strongly will do well.  My time will be worth it, in the long run.

I am not terribly worried about my finances, or much of anything, but I do worry about my health, and also I worry a lot about my moving forward.  Must always move forward, no matter what else takes place.

This schedule has allowed me time to think, to consider, and hope to keep doing what I have to do in this life.  There's so much to do; I will do what I can, what I must, and do my best to make the right decisions.

I feel quite good about the writings; they have been the product of 3-1/2 years of hard work, but I've enjoyed it.  I have plans to start a draft for a new one, but I'm not sure when I will do it.  It's getting there, in terms of "cooking" upstairs, but there is more to think about.  I need some reason for the main character to have changed his life as he did, and I think I know how to do that.

There is a missing...yes, "a missing," something or other.  Wish I knew what that was...

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day 1 of TrafficTalk, a Review of the SDS (Book 2), and Other Odd Things...

Look folks, you're getting a lot this evening!

Okay, first things first:  the kickoff of TrafficTalk finally happened, and to all accounts, we've done rather well.

I did my first afternoon drive shift, hosting the DC Metro Area, and it was quiet for a couple of reasons.  On the first day, it will be; also Tuesday was the day after a snowstorm, and you know in DC is ONE FUCKING SNOWFLAKE HITS THE GROUND, IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT!!!!!!!

But yeah, everything went well.  Three actual callers, and two from my bosses to check in and see how it was doing.  Really good; got good information from the drivers, and they seem to understand the concept easily enough.


Now:  my good friend Kristen and I chatted this evening.  She has been kind enough to read SDS-2.  For the uninitiated, SDS is short for the Sweet Dreams Series.  Book 1 (for short) is subtitled, Searching for Roy Buchanan.  Book 2 (for short again) is subtitled Call it Love. 

Kristen has enjoyed it thoroughly, found it much deeper than Book 1, and felt the execution was right on.

Aaahhh...that makes me feel good.  To have more than one person read it and get a real sense of where I was going with the storyline, the characters, yeah, very good.

There are only three people on Earth I know of who have read all of Book 2.  All have been wonderfully supportive. nice.

I know I'm on the proper track with my writing...NOTE I DIDN'T SAY RIGHT TRACK!!!

Too easy.

But yes, this makes me feel really good, and more confident.


What else?

Urg.  Just urg.  I was worried that this sudden need to be back home at 3 pm every afternoon was going to suck, in order to do this.

You find the hours go quickly, and also you find that within the length of your headset cable, there is much you can do, and need to do.  Multi-tasking...lots of it.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

"Did you ever get the feeling you've been cheated?"--John Lydon

I sometimes wonder if I have...there is a strange influx of weirdness going on right now.  A lot of it has to do with my current situation, and perhaps my concerns about where it's all going.

I have to go work soon to do the KYW 1060 sports shift; no big deal, and it's work that I have no problems with.  Last night was interesting...three of the Dharma Fools caught up and we did some work on a song of Dan's.

The rhythm is still in my brain, and hasn't gone away.  My role in the song is minimal, which is fine.  It's a difficult piece, because it's in a key that I know nothing about...I know nothing about keys anyway.

I have started to wonder about my directions.  The radio biz is the same, no changes planned for there.  Then there's the band, TrafficTalk starts next Tuesday.

I also have to wonder about the potential offer of another job coming my way.  I don't know what to make of it, because I've heard and seen nothing that tells me anything is coming.

Had a very strange moment in the dead of night:  I awoke to one of the more unusual experiences I've faced in recent years.  Got the very strong premonition that something bad had happened, or would happen.

Ever get that really strange feeling?  That extremely creepy feeling that shit is about to hit the fan, and probably you?

It was a form of partial paralysis.  Nothing was wrong with me, but I wondered immediately about my family, and then the people closest to me.  Had something happened?  Well, I've not heard from anyone, so perhaps it was just my imagination.  Very weird.

I'm feeling very conflicted, and uncertain.  I need to see what is going to go down here, in the next few days, and a lot of it will deal with my schedule, and also what I must do for those important things.

I finished another edit of "The Beauty Way" this afternoon.  I've written in some new scenes, but it's still not right.  There's something missing, and some of the scenes and characters are disjointed, badly.

Need to figure that out, before I can consider the next project.  That one's coming on...and I gotta find the time to work that one out before I try anything with it.

I may well have overextended again; but it may also have to do with the fact that for two years, I've done pretty much what I wanted.  Rather enjoyed that freedom; maybe I don't want to be tied down anymore.

Who knows...?

Friday, January 14, 2011

Another Long Week, and Weekend Coming

First, a shameless plug:

Go here to see a rough mix of a new Dharma Fools track, tentatively called "For Whom the Bell Tolls (For You)."  This is one of Dan's guitar pieces, spiced up by Johnny's lead licks and effects, plus his video wizardry.

The song was worked on by the three of us tonight.  Dan added a bass part, and I have a semblance of a rhythm guitar as well.

There are words, Johnny's working on those.  So a good night.

My Pro Tools is acting fun...gotta figure what's wrong there.

A long week...I've made some decent headway on "The Beauty Way," a book I wrote last summer, and have finally begun to edit properly, as well as add new scenes, and flesh it out.  Still a short book, 170 pages...there will be more to add to it, hopefully.

I'm beat...a weekend of work coming, and hopefully TrafficTalk kicks off on Tuesday.  We've done a bit more walking through, and I think this is gonna be a good go. has more on what we're doing.

I ran into Chess Guy again today; that meeting was postponed about a recording studio, so we'll see how that went tonight.  I need to see this place, and see how I might fit in, if possible.

Not counting anything before it's done; I'll see what comes down.

I'm falling I need to crash...but I have more to write!

Urg.  Finished reading Larry McMurtry's "The Last Picture Show."  A good, but dark and stark read in a lot of ways.  Something good to learn from, that is for certain.  Quite liked it on a lot of levels.

Now I'm off...

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Gas...of Varied Kinds

Been a very weird last couple of days here.  Yesterday, I was gassed...out of energy, still recovering from the Weekend from Hell.  I did accomplish one or two things.

Had a long talk with the Chess Guy.  He's a heretofore unnamed regular at the Office; I've seen him on and off, playing chess and teaching it to different folks, mostly kids.

Turns out his name is Russell and he's a former member of a band called Secret Weapon.  A funk band in the 80's, had one hit.

He's a multi-instrumentalist, and Russell struck up a convo with me about my MacBook Pro, then we veered off into music (he correctly guessed I am a musician of sorts), and I heard a bit of a demo of his, and his working on a book about chess and spirituality, and about his working with a guy in York who has a recording studio...

...lots of talking as you can imagine.

So he's gonna talk to his friend/partner, and perhaps I might just have some work in the city at the studio.  Don't know if I can help them or if this is something I wish to do, but I will find out. -- Oh dear.

Looks like we MIGHT be a go tomorrow.  If not, next week.

AT&T is the problem here; callers are not able to call in for some reason, via that carrier.  Strange.

Okay...drove with Kaitryth down to MD; a Wegman's run, a stopoff at Caribou Coffee (my Maryland Office), and errands.

More snow...3-5 inches here, allegedly, but the coast and New England is gonna get it again.  Fun.

Dusting here right now, not much more.  Almost looks like it's changing over to rain.  I'd rather have that to be honest.

I am starting to consider the social networking thing again.  I need it for work, for my art, etc.  But I have to consider what I don't need, and I must be mindful of staying away from what else goes down.

In the wake of the Arizona shooting, the righties, the conservatives, and the anti-Obama crowd have been rallying to defend Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Rush and the others.

The typical whine of the right is:  "BUT THE LIBERALS DO IT TOO!"

No, they don't.  The left, Democrats, progressives, whatever you want to call them do not call for "SECOND AMENDMENT..." solutions like Sharon Angle did.  They don't "LOCK AND LOAD" like Palin demanded, and also didn't put crosshairs on the pictures of Democratic Congresspeople.  One of them was Congresswoman Giffords.

I'm sure Jared Loughner's psycho mug shot will be splashed across the cover of Newsweek (to me, the nation's worst newsmagazine), and the others, too.  

Meet Jared Loughner:  the New American Hero.  The New American Martyr for Your Rightwing, Personal Paranoia.

As a member of the media, I know what those idiots in the corporate world did in the past, and we'll just do it all again.

We made a hero out of David Koresh, a child molester and sexual pervert who ran a religious cult of personality, and was involved in gunrunning.  His destruction of the Waco compound was done on his orders, not the government's.  His rants and raves were aired all across the media, and the paranoid androids of the right had a new hero.

One of them:  Timothy McVeigh.  Remember him?

The Gulf War I Veteran who blew up the federal building in Oklahoma City.  Suddenly, here's yet another one, another hero for the freaks.  And a martyr, now that he's dead.

Jared Loughner stands to be the next one.  Such fun, our media world.  The gasbagging of what his political and religious views were are fodder for both sides, and one side in particular is distancing itself as quickly as it can.

This nation is in the shitter, when it comes to humanity, and we can thank the right for that.  

I know, the conservatives out there are gonna attack, me using the same old bromides, emotionalist rants, and excuses.  They are really good at excuses, or sniffing their noses at proof.

Far as I'm concerned:  go ahead.  Rant, rave, scream, twist your guts inside yourselves and enjoy the ulcers you cause yourself.  Keep on making threats, go right ahead, because I know it makes you feel so manly, so righteous, and so AMERICAN.

Just remember:  you wanna man up, and make threats, and act like a jackwagon in public?  You threaten me?  You will have a date with the local police.  Wanna act like a man?  Then the police will treat you like a man; one that will have a lot of explaining to do.

I hope that as I've gotten older, that I have matured a little bit.  The way I used to speak is not that same as it once was.  I don't want anyone to be hurt for their political or social views, no matter what they are.

Everyone has a right to how they feel and think; can we not agree to disagree without name-calling, threats, and acting like a bunch of grade-schoolers in the yard during recess?  Sorry to the grade-schoolers who don't act that way.

Breathe, folks; every one of us has gotta breathe, step back, and think.  Don't drink the kool-aid; don't smoke the joint of self-righteousness.  Hang in there.  We'll come out of it better people, I hope.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Weekend from Hell

Isn't that what it seems like in the world?  My old girlfriend/radio compadre Kelly K. first used the term Day from Hell, and we've all had plenty of those.

This one...whoa...

I have not blogged of late because I've been busy.  I mean it.  TrafficTalk is now ready to launch hopefully this Wednesday; my equipment appears to be ready to roll, and we are set to bring traffic reporting into a new dimension.

Go there.  That'll explain everything.

Now...a double shift on Saturday.  The WITF/KYW shift went well, lot of sports to watch/monitor and cover, but it was good.  Then it was off to 1460 the Ticket to produce the Hershey Bears-Manitoba Moose (AHL for you non-hockey fans).  John Walton was up in Winnipeg, and my colleague Matt helped me get the procedures up and running.

It actually went pretty well, and it was an exciting game.  I am now ready to fly solo, which still unnerves me, but I have come this far, I can make it happen.

I didn't get outta there til midnight, so a 14 hour day, kind of.  Then a run to Kaitryth's house to make sure things were looking okay, and they were.

Up early this morning for WITF/KYW yet again, then zoom back home, dump 80 pounds of ice melter on that hellacious driveway of mine so people could get here for Ahltyrra.

Now...on our Myspace page, and elsewhere you will learn essentially what I tell you now:  Ahltyrra has ended, and we are now known as the Dharma Fools.

The lineup is changed, and the musical direction we hope to follow has also done.  We will still play a number of those songs, and there will be more. 

The DF's was a side project, that played some of the A. songs, plus a few different pieces, and a few more covers.  It's time to go this way; Ahltyrra will always be for me an amazing experience, which tested my skills as a musician beyond anything I've ever done.

Four of us are back, and we've a new female singer, who blew us the fuck away on a Sara Bareilles (is that how you spell it?) song.  My God, Katie's good.

We are energized once again, to get back at it.  We are up for consideration by the May Day Faerie Festival, and we hope to get a slot.  We're gonna be working it, believe me.

I feel better than I have in so long; I was feeling pretty good that I was back in radio, doing my first real love, and had time to write, and keep on writing, and now this.  It's feeling good; 2011 is our year, for all of us.

Yet in all this, we have the terrible tragedy in Arizona.  I have tried hard to think how do I react to this?  I am shocked, saddened, but not totally surprised.

I knew this would happen.

Now, the trolls and apologists are out in force, decrying that this fellow Loughner or whatever his name is, is everything from a deranged loon acting alone, to a flaming liberal who went mad, or a Tea Party freak, a Republican wingnut, this, that and the other.

What is he?  Who is he?  Do any of us know, except for him and perhaps those in his circle?

We have no right to decide, based on second and third-hand information.  I can only surmise.

Based on what little I've read, and listened on, I've heard different things.

We know that this individual had some definite mental health issues.  Those who knew him say he was a person who was outspoken and had some pretty crazy views on things.

His Youtube videos state that he was disillusioned, and paranoid.  He believed the government was after him, he had become disillusioned by religion in general, and spouted views that our money was something he could not trust, beyond silver and gold.

There apparently is at least one other person of interest the authorities are looking for, an older man that has not been identified, who was in the vicinity when Congresswoman Giffords and several others were gunned down.

The saddest victim was a nine year old girl, who was interested in government and wanted to meet the Congresswoman at an open event at a supermarket.

Who could have imagined this would happen?  I don't think anyone could predict it, yet we have plenty of proof that the rhetoric that has been spouted by people who are extremist in their views, and also possibly not the brightest bulbs in the case, either.

Individuals like Loughner, who despite a drug arrest in 2007 (he completed some kind of program and the arrest was I think expunged), and who had serious issues was still able to buy a Glock with an expanded magazine, turn up a public event and kill.

It is clear from evidence found he targeted Giffords.  The Congresswoman apparently was a conservative, Blue Dog Democrat, but that doesn't mean much.

Democrat means the enemy to a lot of these freaks.  Giffords' local office was targeted by people who didn't like her votes on immigration and health care.  She was also one of the people whose face was targeted in a rifle crosshairs on Sarah Palin's website, and probably elsewhere too.

Now...I am NOT blaming the former Gov. of Alaska for Giffords' death.  I do also appreciate that the crosshairs were taken down, a day late and a dollar short.  She didn't, as rightwingers like to postulate, put that gun in Loughner's hands.  Certainly not.

She is however one example of conservative, rightwing lightning rods who have made it clear that resistance to anything Barack Obama, the Democrats, the liberals, the progressives, the whomevers is a must.

I don't want to say by any means necessary; that interpretation is a broad one, and Loughner decided to put it into action.

There has been a terribly vicious, hateful segment of the media (Fox News at the top), including a number of talk show hosts, so-called "religious leaders," and attention-whoring politicians who have pushed the weak-minded, the vulnerable, and those on the edge to actually believe all the crap that has been spewed.

I am sure that people who read this are going to either agree with me or disagree, and will do everything they can to apologize for, dissemble, and divert attention from where it belongs.

These people pushed buttons...lots of buttons, and they need to reap the whirlwind.

True, the instrument of action was Loughner.  He must, if he's proven mentally able to stand trial, do so.  Nothing he can do will bring back that child, nor make so many people feel any better.  He needs to be tried properly and face his due.  Anyone who helped him, they too must be brought to justice.

Do we agree so far?

I hope so.

I want to know what Loughner's contacts were; his book reading list has been picked apart.

He liked "The Communist Manifesto."  Rightwingers have seized upon this to prove he's a liberal.

But he also liked "Mein Kampf."  Hitler, a liberal?  Hardly.  A lot of righties seem to have a sick fascination and admiration for that man, and I don't know why.

One thing a friend of his did say:  apparently, Loughner suffered a case of alcoholic poisoning some years ago.  I wonder:  did that experience unhinge a mind already close to it?  I'm no doctor, but I wonder if it did.

I've heard (but I'm sorry to say I don't know how true this is) that Loughner had some kind of tie or was known to an organization in Arizona that was known to be anti-Semitic.  I'd like to know if this is so.

Arizona has been a hotbed of drugstore cowboys who are focused on illegal immigration to the point they took up arms and started patrolling the US/Mexico border.  We know about some of those folks; Lou Dobbs was masturbating with glee at the stuff they were doing.

We have turned into a banana republic, where one's idea of political discourse is to kill your opposition.  This is not Colombia, nor is it India or any other nation where this kind of violence is stock in trade.

Everyone needs to think about this.  My old college friend Jay pointed out recently that the hate speech, the hate-filled rhetoric, the emotional madness that has afflicted us is what needs to stop.

We again, everyone one of us, need to be mindful.  What we say, what we do, all of it.  I know I'm twisting in the wind on this, because most people will just toss this off and forget it. 

We have to grow up.

We have to stop finding boogeymen under every bed, around every corner, and stop believing that others are responsible for the problems we THINK we have.

I don't want to know what all those arrogant pundits are gonna say.  Some will be angry, some will circumspect (not many), and others will sniff their noses and blame anyone they don't like for it.

I don't give a fuck what you think.  You need to think for yourself.  All I know is, I feel horrid; I feel dirty, and I feel sad.

We can't do this anymore, folks.  If we want our nation to survive, the violence, and that also includes speech and rhetoric must end.  We must stop.

It starts with you and me.  Each one of us.

Despite what I think of the rightwing nuts, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and political loons like Sarah Palin, I HAVE NEVER WANTED THEM DEAD.  I do NOT wish violence to come to them or to their people.

They have a right to how they feel, as do their followers.  But with that comes responsibility.

I'd like to see that taken up by everyone. ray of hope in the human spirit is the Congresswoman's incredible will to live.  Despite a terrible wound, she was able to hear one of her interns speaking to her.  It's unlikely she'll ever have a normal life again, but who knows?  Amazing things have happened before.

I honestly hope the best for her, and all those hurt by this.

Another thought:  Loughner's family.  They must be thinking, "My God, we'll never live this down."  I don't blame them for what he did.

What a mess.  This world is seriously fucked up, and we have let it happen.  It's time to stop, step back, and realize that what we have in this nation is precious.  I'm not afraid of saying that, pithy though it may seem.

All I know is, if you agree or disagree, I don't really mind.  But think for yourself.  Let's see where it goes.

I've had enough.  Enough of all of this. 

Blessed Be.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Thoughts on the Sweet Dreams Series, and Pink Floyd...

It was a long, long night, and I was up early.  Awakened at 10:00 am by WITF's Cary Burkett and his Classical Air...or Classical Gasbagging if you will.  I don't know much about classical music, but I know what I like.  Burkett picks some good stuff, and at least he sounds like he's alive, not like the death-warmed-over dude who used to do Morning Pro Musica WGBH back in the day.

Anyway...about more important music...Pink Floyd.

Now I have never been a big Floyd fan; yeah, I knew about 'The Wall' (still the worst non-drug-induced emotional experience of my life), "Dark Side of the Moon," blah blah fucking blah.  I admired a lot about 'em, just never that big into them.

Well, my dear sister found "Oh By The Way," that gigantor box set from hell for X-day for me.  Bless You, Susan!

I sat down to edit Book 1 of the Sweet Dreams Series, and what better to do it with than coffee, Djarum Black and the first recordings, one after the other...?  Mind-bending, the way it needs to be.

"Piper at the Gates of Dawn," and the self-titled can tell the stirrings of what is coming.  Syd Barrett was fucking insane, but there was some brilliant stuff in that man.  The soundtrack album for whatever movie that was, then Umagumma...rush in more ways than one.

Had to come down, so I cranked out a pair of Tom Russell CDs.  Tom is the man, legendary songwriter.  Met him at XM back in the day, a really nice guy.

Now, the recent edit for Book 1 (aka "Searching for Roy Buchanan") was spurred by recent discussion and critique by my longtime friend Sara and by Jen, the anime artist.

As Sara is partly Japanese by descent, and the book is set there, Sara has been able to impart her insights on things that I cannot possibly know about.  Jen has also weighed in on a number of areas, stylistically, etc.

So there was a long read-through, and edits to be made.  Actually, found a few other things to alter.  The goal must always be to make the next edit a better one than the previous, and that the book becomes better as a story as a result.

Did that make sense?

Anyway, it is better.  I feel it.  I also got my quarterly report from the agent, regarding who is reading, who is not, etc.  Jeanie has opened a lot of doors for me, and I know we're gonna get a strike one of these days.  J. has had faith in me, which I appreciate.  She hasn't gotten down or discouraged; you need one amazing well of strength to keep going, in any job.

Now...the band may be getting back together after all.  Looking at Sunday evening, my place to bring back two, if not three members.  We will also check out a new singer, whom I think will work beautifully.

I have to train sometime along for TrafficTalk, but I'm having trouble finding an adapter for my headset.  I hope I don't have to buy another fucking headset.

Those stupid, tiny little jacks...the sizes are never right, and the adapters are always fucked.  Grrrr...universal size, folks?  Ever thought of that shit?

I will later be off in my capacity as a driver soon.  K. needs a lift about this week, and as I get paid, it's all good.

Other aspects of the world about me:  I am not sure what they are, but I did recall something while going through my messages this morning:

I had been bound and determined to get the fuck out of here.  That means, Pennsylvania, aka Dumbekistan, aka Pennsyltucky.

Well, I knew practically that would not work.  I don't have any prospects up in Boston, and I don't have the money.  I also have too many things going on here that I have to deal with.

I think getting away from here every so often is a help, and that's what I'll need to do.  Alleviate the stress and weirdness.

I am not sure if Riz is coming or not.  She had been offered a place to stay by our mutual friend KJ, but we don't know if it can be done.  Riz has said that she is motivated now to do certain things.  Okay, good; we'll see where it leads.  Riz is a big girl and can do what she needs to.

Okay...must figure out whatever else it is I'm supposed to be doing life is going to become more busy very soon, and I'm not sure how to schedule it all. Oh well...when has that been an obstacle?

Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011--Born in a High Wind

Things are very interesting.

I rang in 2011 in more ways than one up in Selinsgrove.  I remember nearly everything, being that I was the one sober person in the whole house.

Riz came down to "Eastbumfuck, PA" (her quote) to hang with our former theatre compadre KJ, her friend Toya and their little offspring.  You know what I think of kids, but y'know, they're good ones.  I have not learned something of the ways of dealing from being around Beth, Chip, Branden, Penny and the numerous other parental units in my life over the years for nothing.

One word to bear in mind:  TEQUILA.

Very dangerous thing, tequila.  I never liked the stuff in my drinking years, but the ladies went off on the stuff, mostly Riz and KJ.

Now, Riz is one of my best real friends.  We are both insane, we are both writers, we are both performers.  We understand and recognize the madness in each other.

KJ it turns out was the costume tech for "A Comedy of Eros," a play that Riz co-directed and co-starred in.  I was her opposite character.  This was '96.

So yeah...KJ remembered me quite well, but I did not recall her for quite some time.  Really weird that is.

It was one hell of a night, one hell of a morning, and one HELL OF A FUCKING WEEKEND.  Thank you for having me, gang.

Now...Riz is the author of a certain blog:

I am going to warn you:  be careful when you click on.  You may not be ready for Riz's perspective of that night.

It means that change is coming on.  I feel like what happened up there to me also is bringing about change, and it's a good one.  I think.

I hope.

Oh was something else, and I'm honestly happy about it.  Things all come down at once on me, and that's bloody normal.  I'll see what the fuck goes on from here.

I am working the weekends at WITF/KYW, and I'll soon start the training on TrafficTalk in earnest.  Need to see what else goes down here.

Writing...need to make the time.  Fuck, I may have to set up a schedule.  Yuck!  I hate scheduling, anything.

Okay.  I need to go and get some shit taken care of.  All I know is, as I've mentioned, this is my fucking year.

That song is the right one..."I was born in a high, high wind..."