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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day 1 of TrafficTalk, a Review of the SDS (Book 2), and Other Odd Things...

Look folks, you're getting a lot this evening!

Okay, first things first:  the kickoff of TrafficTalk finally happened, and to all accounts, we've done rather well.

I did my first afternoon drive shift, hosting the DC Metro Area, and it was quiet for a couple of reasons.  On the first day, it will be; also Tuesday was the day after a snowstorm, and you know in DC is ONE FUCKING SNOWFLAKE HITS THE GROUND, IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT!!!!!!!

But yeah, everything went well.  Three actual callers, and two from my bosses to check in and see how it was doing.  Really good; got good information from the drivers, and they seem to understand the concept easily enough.


Now:  my good friend Kristen and I chatted this evening.  She has been kind enough to read SDS-2.  For the uninitiated, SDS is short for the Sweet Dreams Series.  Book 1 (for short) is subtitled, Searching for Roy Buchanan.  Book 2 (for short again) is subtitled Call it Love. 

Kristen has enjoyed it thoroughly, found it much deeper than Book 1, and felt the execution was right on.

Aaahhh...that makes me feel good.  To have more than one person read it and get a real sense of where I was going with the storyline, the characters, yeah, very good.

There are only three people on Earth I know of who have read all of Book 2.  All have been wonderfully supportive. nice.

I know I'm on the proper track with my writing...NOTE I DIDN'T SAY RIGHT TRACK!!!

Too easy.

But yes, this makes me feel really good, and more confident.


What else?

Urg.  Just urg.  I was worried that this sudden need to be back home at 3 pm every afternoon was going to suck, in order to do this.

You find the hours go quickly, and also you find that within the length of your headset cable, there is much you can do, and need to do.  Multi-tasking...lots of it.

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