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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Taxes, My Life, and Other Assorted Thingies

It has been another series of strange days.  I may go backwards in time because I can.  This is fresh in my mind right now.

Just had an interesting hour at the tax office.  Owe the feds, the state owes me, and the township and I are even.

Nice.  I do love my tax lady, she does make all this stress-free...that is the one thing I'm more than glad to pay for.

At the Office, but not for long, as I must get home to get ready for TrafficTalk this afternoon.  Anyway...there is a habit some people at the Office have, which is very bad form.  Ever done this?  Ever see people do this?

Some dude came in with a bunch of bags; okay, thought he'd been shopping.  Turns out he got takeout Chinese food before meeting up with his daughter.  They had lunch here in the Office, with food that actually came from someplace else.

They've told people before you are not supposed to do that.  Now personally, if the food's not smelly I would not really care...but you would not go into a restaurant and bring food from another restaurant to eat in there, would you?  No.  Form, politeness, intelligence?

Johnny came over last night and he's got a new song which is fabulous.  Merryiad did not arrive, due to family issues, and so Dan was left home without a way to get to us.  We didn't know he'd be left hanging.

Oh, didn't my bass player go off on a RANT over the past few days!  He unloaded on Facebook about shit going on Saturday here at the Office; thankfully I was working and didn't experience what he did.  Guess it was pretty horrid.  Needless to say, I know the feeling. I been 'dere.

He also had a few things to say about V-Day.  You know, I actually made it through the whole day yesterday not realizing it was even V-Day.  I was just plain busy yesterday.

Zoomed up to Harrisburg again, zoomed back down home to get to work, then the night thing.

I have a bunch of stuff going here, there and elsewhere.  I don't know what I'm doing next...I'll figure it out I suppose.

Anyway, I am fortunate to have enough $$$ leftover to deal with juggling the finances to pay the IRS.  I like getting this shit outta the way, you know?  Quicker it's gone, the better I feel.

I recently went back to the "Other Roads Club," which is the anime trilogy I wrote in '09, following my finish of the "Sweet Dreams Series."  I like leaving things be, then going back and having another bash at the stories.  The refreshing of the brain allows me to look at them in a better light.

Also wrote and rewrote bits of "Out Among the Stars."  Some of that was not right, and I had to fit a few things in here and there.  Turned out well.

Oh, now what?  I am trying not to worry too much about things.  I'll need to see what other trouble I can cause before I go to work, haha!

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