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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Can't Talk Too Long Here...

What I gotta do has been a busy and very interesting week.  I cannot write for too long here, because I am in a period of uncertainty.

Tomorrow, I'll know more, and hopefully will have news to share.  I have a very superstitious view of certain things, and I don't plan to discuss any of this publicly, beyond those who know me and/or see me.

Been busy, yes!  TrafficTalk has been slow the past month, but the bosses are putting a happy spin on things.  We did get some attention, some media press and other notes of interest, so it's good.

The bosses are in LA this week; something coming down there, that would be very advantageous.

I have been working through the "Other Roads Club," the anime fiction trilogy I wrote after the bulk of the Sweet Dreams Series.  It's really not bad; but the third one needs a bit of tweaking.  The biggest problem I have is trying to make absolutely sure my characters are real; that is not always easy to do.

The Dharma Fools meet up tonight, and I hope we can get some stuff done.  I want to hear and see more from the gathered, and start working toward getting out there again.  I know that's the view of all of us, or most of us, so we'll take it from there.

Work is busy, but good, can't complain. 

A bit of shocking news just now...a dear friend and former Rocky Horror compadre is in hospital; Stacey apparently has some sort of heart condition.  Her husband says she's gonna make out okay, but for her age, and to have that, is not cool.  I am pulling for her, as we all are.  S. and I, I thought were good friends, though I admit not knowing an awful lot about her.  Then again, being in that show for so many years, we do tend to create our own personas.  Some of them are real, some of them aren't.

Here's hoping for the best for her.

Urg...must get back to work...oh the sports world is fun...Flyers, Daytona 500, NBA All-Star boredom, Temple b-ball, other things to oh joy...heh.

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