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Monday, February 7, 2011


Well, it's a joke really...other than waking up the past two mornings feeling like someone kicked me in the temple with the heel of a boot, it's not been so bad.

The weekend...Saturday off, concept.  B/C's wedding was a great success, a wonderful ceremony, and got to see a whole lot of old friends.  

More questions about the Dharma Fools.  I'm taking steps to deal with the matter of Sunday nights...more on that later.

I spent a lot of Saturday listing to my German Import, 40th Anniversary Box Set of the Who:  Live at Leeds.  Blisteringly loud fucking rock and roll!  The whole thing, lovely; have yet to get to "Live at Hull," the concert from the next night, both CDs of that.

The 60-page monster book that accompanies the box is awesome; it also includes a poster I must get framed, and vinyl.

Yes, records, remember those things?  A re-release of the original 6-track album, and a re-release of the single of "Summertime Blues" and "Heaven and Hell."  Nice...

Sunday...extra hours at work, and the Super Bowl...okay, SB 45 was an excellent game, one of the better ones.  Congrats to the Pack, they were the better team and peaked at the right moment.  I really had no horse in the race, and just hoped the game was good.

The Commercials:  the Audi one, "Hit 'em with the Kenny G" was brilliant and the best.  The Eminem commercial on Detroit was good; didn't know it was him until he got out of the car.

The Worst:  the Pepsi and Doritos commercials SUCKED!  The Pepsi one with the pug was cute, but you knew what would happen.

Movie promos, pretty good.

The Halftime Show:  yeah, I watched it.

The Good:  Slash!  I disagree with my friend Becky on Fergie doing "Sweet Child O' Mine."  She did it well.  The group itself was pretty tight.

The Bad:  USHER!  Who the FUCK brought that loser in?


This is why I don't go to concerts anymore:  if I want to see lights, dancers, jumping around and NO BAND, I'll go to a Broadway show.

But the game was great.

Okay...back to the Office.  Saw two old friends, Tina and Lynne; got to chat with them a bit.  The Coffeehouse Preacher and Loudmouth were here to fill up the Wardroom early, and of course going on about the SB, the commercials...the Preacher's self-righteously offended about the Tibet commercial.  It wasn't exactly quite a good idea, but be real.  He's just showing off.

Now...I've finished my edit on "Out Among the Stars."  I'm thinking after talking with Lynne, I need to consider getting out of the adult novel thing.  I've now written three with adults in it, and there's been some serious self-examination.  Maybe not enough; need to dig deeper, but I'm not sure if that will work.  Yet.

I've talked to the boss at WITF about doing just the early shift on Sundays, most of the time so the DF's can play again.  See what goes on there.

Back to TrafficTalk; see how the buzz is going with that, and see if we get a few more calls...

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