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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Finally...a little recognition...

This is kinda cool...I'm sort of putting together all of my jumbled thoughts and other weird shit from the past several days, and it's good to have an opportunity to feel just a tiny bit of recognition for what you do.

It comes all at once I think...and with it, is all this other stuff especially at the time of Yule/Xmas.

"Thunderbird," by John Hiatt is now on my new iPod Classic.  Heehee...been cranking it and lamely burning nearly everything I own to my iTunes on the computer and the new toy.  Over 10,000 songs and counting...heehee.

Now yes, the iPod is my early gift to me; my old friend Jaz has the Walkman now, a going away present for her as she heads to New York State for a new job and I think a new step in life.  I wish her well.

You know, I honestly don't mind if people wish me a Merry Xmas, Happy Holidays or Joyous Yule.  I really don't care; I take it as friendly gestures or politeness.  Doesn't freak me out.

I do not do a lot of shopping though; my family and I stopped that business some years ago, for the money, primarily.  But I do a few little things for certain folk.

Where was I going with this anyway...?

Oh yeah.

I'm slowly girding my loins to get ready for a new book of Young Adult/YA strangeness.  Another examination of a part of my life that has not been touched yet, and will likely be difficult as fucking hell.  But none of it has been; therapy, I guess.

Also have another twisted crazy story working in my brain, I'll get to that one day.

"Abandoned," by Ronnie Earl, from Now My Soul.  Blues...yeah, and as you know I've been playing quite a bit of Ronnie and some other instrumentalists during my substitute hosting on WITF.

Another thread...anyway, I'll be doing a bunch more this month, as a couple of my colleagues take vacation/holiday time.  Be warned, haha.

Okay, here's what happened last night:  Dan and I did not have time to practice, but we headed up to HMAC for Open Mic Night.  Hadn't been there in a while, and it was time to go again.

As been the habit, we followed the compere, the amazing Mike Banks...but I think we did pretty damned well.  "Black Ambition" and "Dark Star" are my songs, and then we followed up with Midge Ure's "Call of the Wild."

Good hands...Dan says a lovely young Asian lady was watching him play...I'll bet she was, I'll bet she was...Alice came to watch Dan and "Mr. Nervous," but she seemed cool with what happened.

Had a nice talk with a folksinger named Matt in the backroom...he wanted to know the chord changes to "Black Ambition."  Nice.  We had a good talk; he followed us, and did some sparse, simple tunes, but really good stuff.  Less is more, he said, and I agree.

Mike paid me a nice compliment...he's been listening to me on WITF, and at first didn't know it was me!  He guessed though, and then heard my name...he also digs the bumper music I've been playing.  I have apparently found a twist that is all my own...heh.

Also got some really cool pics out of if from Mandeek Live--you'll find her on Facebook.  A pro photog who takes really good shots; she also was very complimentary of our music.

My voice, too...I'm honored...oh yeah, and Matt said I sound like Lou Reed!

I've gotten that before, and it is a compliment to me!

A little recognition is very nice...nice to know people are starting to realize that while I may not be the most serious guy in the world, I am about certain things, and I do my best.

Made my day, I gotta tell you...

...back to writing...Silk Road Days is being edited once more, I need to finish that before I can consider anything else.  As I say trying to get my brain wrapped around this new idea of mine.  It reads in my head well, but perhaps better as just a Manga?

Hmmm...won't know till I get it started.

"Set Me Free" by John Cale...interesting stuff...very.

OK, off I go to whatever...

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