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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Maine State of Mind...

Day 1 in Maine...well, my sister and bro-in-law were quite happy to see me, as usual.  That's good, I guess.  

Life in Maine, so different, even in comparison to PA.  Then again, I must remember my sister is like 18 years older than me.  She's the eldest of the bunch.  Her bedtime is 8 pm, but we ended up talking til 9 about stuff.  

Life in Maine...Rob went off to his studio and I've no clue what he's painting now, but I caught a glimpse of a creation that he tried to sneak through the kitchen.  Brilliant painter.  

Time now for a SHAMELESS PLUG:

Check it out!  The man's awesome.

Now, I'm chatting with Riz, author of the always loud and proud, "Letters from the Disgruntled Fringe," which you can also find here on the blogspot.

I'm to see her in Portsmouth tomorrow, to meet at the Friendly Toast (THE ORIGINAL) for another writer's confab.  I've also been dispatched by her and Alicia to seek out a Tim Horton's, and bring them Candy Cane Donuts.

My friend Mika has a close one in Alberta, who is a devotee of Timmie's, and sings its praises.  So we'll see.

Anyway, it's chilly but surprisingly warm (relative term) up here.  It was raining, and nearly 50 degrees (F) here last night!  Not gonna reach that today, but the sun is out.

Freeport is a very small town...the center is dominated of course by the monstrous LL Bean, and all things grow away from there.  I've made my short walk up from Susan and Rob's old Vic home to Mexicali Blues for hippie garb (new headscarf and other neat things).  Lot of outlet stores here, and much to everyone's shock...considering the town council hates all things commercial...


In Freeport?!?

Oh well, they've got nearly everything else but a fucking Walmart, so why the fuck not?

Outlet stores are weird.  They look like the regular stores, you know, for the Calvin Klein stuff, and all these high-end snot stuff sellers.  

There is a Morebucks, a Ben and Jerry's, and a Mangy Moose.

The latter you probably don't know of.  There are only two in the world, here and in Colorado.  Great place, all things Moose.

Oh well, I have a new scene to write before I can move, and I also have to see where everyone is.  Susan is off to yet another doc's appointment, so I have no transport.  No worries, enough to do here today.

Relaxed, believe it or not, I am!  I am happy here...I miss New England, I fucking do.

Oh to it.

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