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Friday, December 3, 2010

Okay so I keep forgetting to add labels...!

Friday is here, and my workweek begins, haha!

Off to the Ticket tonight to produce the Bishop McDevitt-Cocalio Class 3-AAA Championship Game...I think that's the one we're doing anyway.  Then Saturday and Sunday I'll be doing the sports for KYW 1060, via WITF.  Weird business.

Walkman Shuffle...even with 2200 songs on the thing, the shuffler seems to bring up the same songs fairly often.  It's the only way I can properly appreciate all the music I've got on there.  

I've been editing TOS-3 of late, as I may have said.  I'm getting back into Writer's this case, it's Editor's Mode.  I start working on a project and I keep at it, and start to forget the other things I should do.  Dishes in the sink pile up (did 'em today), and yes, I actually showered!  Hahaha!!!

From Robert Hazard to Black Rebel Motorcycle Club we segue.  Keeps me on my toes. yeah, I get into my work again, but I do hope that this book becomes better than I've had it.  I still feel it's not right; trying to show you a twisted scene that is something that morphs into something other in each person's's hit or miss.

My hours are so messed up, at least in comparison to others.  My friend Dick is a Sun guy; he's up with it.  Me, I'm the kind of person that is a night owl, then sleeps until I finally have to get up...usually the headache does that for me, if the cats don't do it!

You know they're hungry when four of them pile on the bed, and all sit there and stare at you expectantly...

This mode is probably why my home turned into an episode of "How Clean is Your House?"  Not as bad as those, but to hear Kaitryth and Nor tell it, AAIIIIEEEEE!!!

So I'm here at the Office, watching the people as I write this and prepare to get back to work.  None of the usual suspects are here; they are morning people, and they usually clear out by noon.  It is a weird place...

...anyway, I must get to it.  Work to do before my job.  Fun...

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