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Monday, December 6, 2010

The Work Weekend Ends...and Other Inane Ramblings

I am playing with the different fonts and colors here on the blog, to see what clashes best.

The exquisitely talented Yuja Wang is playing Liszt's "Sonata in B Minor:  Allegro Energico" on my Walkman right now, but I hope that the shuffle mode gives me something with a bit more dynamic range, to drown out the noises from a nearby table of a young urchin and his equally young attention span.  Nothing against kids, and this one's rather well-behaved for having a mother young enough to be my daughter, but it's all good.

Most of the Usual Suspects of the Office are gone.  I just missed a couple on the way out, and one of the louder ones left not long after I set down along with Miss OMG I'm Shallow As A Mud Puddle In to my old friend Glenn for the "I'm Shallow" tag.

The weekend was one I remember well from old radio days.  Back in it now; high school football game at the Ticket, then the fast turnaround, which meant back to back shifts Saturday into Sunday at WITF.  Those are the sports update shifts which I do for KYW in Philly.

Left all that pretty well wrecked.  When you cram your work week into three days, it's weird.  Yet my hours are still too bloody few.

Anyway, I've one week before I travel to Maine to see my sister Susan and bro-in-law Robert.  Heaven knows what the old Victorian in Freeport looks like now, as it's often in a state of being worked on.  But it is a gorgeous home, I think the money they threw is worth it.  A very peaceful spot, considering it's spitting distance from LL Bean.  Scary.

The agent has told me a new strategy may be in hand for the new year.  She is considering a "packaging" of sorts of the first two books of the Sweet Dreams Series.  To be honest, we gotta do three.

The first three books of the SDS are the strongest, and take us in a powerful circle.  They are the best of the three, and my feeling is that after that, the others will follow, and I'll have the time I need to make them as strong as possible...

"Shine and Blue," by Manu Katche now has segued...a bluesy, sax filled track...nice...

...not that I want to be in a mellow mood, hell no, I can't be.  Too much going.  Anyway, I have to have a good look at SDS-3, and make sure it's ready to rock n' roll...also have to explain to Jeanie what I have in mind.

Need to get the collaborator and the artist on the horn as well.  Much to do, much to do.

Meanwhile, it's bloody cold once again in PA, and it did hold off for a while.  No snow yet, but I hear the western areas are gonna get it.  I can't imagine what I'll find in Maine. 

Time to move on...

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