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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Lest We Forget 12/8/80...and to Nature's Gentleman, Happy Birthday James Blundell

I realize that this day is a day that still lives in infamy.  Rather tonight was the night a deranged "fan" gunned down John Lennon.  30 years ago...I don't remember where I was that night.  I think I was already in bed, because the news appears to have first been broken (urban legend?  don't know) by Howard Cosell during Monday Night Football.

A man that helped shape an entire generation, along with Sir Paul...still, always was more partial to George's stuff, but oh well.

My old teacher Shane would say I was a dork (he did, when he admitted he cried the day Les Paul died...I can understand); I picked up "Milk and Honey," the posthumous John/Yoko release that came out in '83.  "Nobody Told Me" is one of my favorite Lennon solo pieces...the rest of that record is indeed interesting...let's leave it there.

Today is also James Blundell's birthday.  Australian country singer, who's been around a damned long time.  Great musician, great voice and wonderful songwriter.  Not the sappy, commercialized dogshit that they call "country," nuh-uh!  Fuck Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, and the Dixie Chicks should stick to playing their instruments, which they are very good at.

James is the real fucking deal.  Look him up on Youtube, or elsewhere.  You'll find what I mean.

"Nature's Gentleman" came on just as I was trying to drown out the Xmas crap at the Morebucks.  Great track, beautiful stuff.

As we roll on, "The Punk and the Godfather," yes!!!  "You Only Became What We Made You..."

So...I did a full edit on Monday of SDS-3 as we work towards a trio package of the series.  That was a haul, and I dragged through it over several hours.  No wonder I was a wreck, and could not do shit yesterday!

Did see Beth and Chip Monday...congrats on their impending nuptials, they're finally gonna do it!  Looks like Ahltyrra is in my, Dan and Merryiad's capable hands, plus whomever else.

We are in the running to return to the Faerie Fest in 2011, let us hope so!

Oh...yes, did a lot of strange organizing and shit yesterday; also did see Dan, and we talked a bit about the next steps.

I am off to Maine next Monday to see the family and planning meetups with friends, and also another biz meeting...the work is never done!

Shopping!  Not Xmas shopping; that's done!  I found I have stuff I must get...necessities, for the house and myself.  Those odd little things that you suddenly realize that after years of use of old shit you need new shit...Two more big bags of old clothes for the Goodwill/Mission folks, and Heaven knows what they'll make of some of those duds.

Sure they're happy for it.  

One thing after a bloody other, it seems.  Now...

...I'm feeling a bit more together after a minor bout of depression...great song by John Hiatt, "Fireball Roberts..."

"Well I'm sorry baby...I was trying to leave the black dog at home
But he followed me over to your house
And he brought his old chew-bone."

It's pretty much away today...Riz was talking about this, and she brought up a point we all need to is fuel, and I find that it is a great reliever.

"When in doubt, eat."  Don't know who came up with it in an Andrew Weil book, but not sure if it's his quote.  Even if you've food at home, and you ain't gonna get there for a bit, spend the money on something good.  It works.

Okay, I gotta move on here...stuff to do tonight, tomorrow and whenever else...

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