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Monday, December 13, 2010

So I'm sitting in a lounge at BWI...

Here I am, once again getting ready for my annual Air Tran pilgrimage to Portland, Maine.  Up to Freeport to spend a few days with my sister and brother in law.  While at it, see a few friends and get another business meeting in.

Oh yeah, and I gotta do a damned conference call with Traffic Talk.  The launch is set for the new year, so that means I'll be volling a few hours a day to see if we can get this thing up and running.

Long night; ended up working on my day off, but I needed the cash.  And the Eagles/Cowboys game I had to follow for KYW was actually pretty entertaining.

I will consider what to do for a while.  I've got two hours before my flight, but surprisingly my trip to BWI, the parking lot, the shuttle, and the TSA inspection all went damned fast.  Add to it, there's not that many travelers here.  Much smaller crowd, and a bit quieter.  

Is that because it's a Monday?  Or mid-afternoon?  Or the economy?  Who knows.

"Go on, take the money and run..."  Steve Miller comes up on the Walkman Shuffle.  Oh, had to get replacement headset for it.  Totally made myself look a fool, mistook the usb port for where the head plug was to go...urg.  

This is what happens when I get stressed and scatterbrained.  It gets worse as you get older.

Need food...Asian wok place next to my table smells damn good right now.

Oh yeah...Air Tran has been taken over by Southwest Airlines.  Might be the last time I fly the AIRLINE FORMERLY KNOWN AS VALUJET.

Heehee.  Such fun.  One thing that's great about getting in early, is the upgrade.  Business Class, I'm a playa!!!


Business expense, heh; add to it, coach seats suck!  I'm 6'2" -- try to squeeze me into one of those seats that only fit 7 year olds!  

Okay...need food.  Back later.

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