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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December 1; and Things I Must Get Down To

I have to get back to it...I did not awaken until 1:30 today, partly because I kept waking up all through the night.  Sometimes the weather, sometimes the cats and whatever else is going on with me.

True, I didn't sleep much Monday night.  Barely six hours, and that throws my body clock out of whack.  I have gotten through an edit of TOS-3, the last in the series of course.  I changed the ending slightly, and it's actually a lot better, I think.  

One real problem with this story is a certain repetitiveness.  The characters are pledging certain things, their love, their commitment, their this, their that too damned often.  They must have more to say than that.

As again we approach Xmas...and no, I don't give a fuck if people think that is not nice.  One of my old friends put out a screed about how we'd not call Ramadan something other, so let's not do that to Christmas as well.

Okay...but I don't know what others call Ramadan; or Yule, or Hanukah...I'm sorry, I don't know how to spell that holiday.

Get ready for an overbearing attack of "Christmas Music," an oxymoron if ever there was one; Bill O'Reilly's latest false outrage on the "War on Christmas," and everyone getting their undies in a bunch and screaming, "MERRY CHRISTMAS, DAMMIT!"  

I never thought Eddie Murphy's Gumby character was funny.  His standup was so much better than anything else he did, apart from the voiceover of Donkey in Shrek...but anyway.

I again fear I'll fall into the depression that the holidays bring.  I do admit, and I'm not ashamed of this:  I do follow a bit of the Xmas spirit.  Because of money and large families, most of us stopped gift-giving to one another, though there are some exchanges.  As I go to visit my sister and bro-in-law this time of year, I give because they're great people, and I should...they're also unfailingly generous.

I no longer do Xmas cards, and I'm sorry if anyone has wondered about that.  Not to be cheap, but hell, I more fear missing someone and not sending them one than doing so many.  I think everyone that knows me will know I give a shit about them at all times of the year, not just this time.

Back to "Christmas Music."  Interesting thing to tell you:  Bob, my former longtime boss at several radio stations is not a religious man.  He does not mind you having yours, but like myself we do have a little problem with it being shoved down our throats.

When it came time to program Xmas music...bleah...on our stations, we only did instrumentals.  It took listeners a while to figure out what Bob had in mind.  Bob's explanation was that he liked the melodies of a lot of the songs (in some cases I can agree with him there), but he didn't like most of the lyrics.

His feeling was:  to play a lot of those songs with lyrics was pushing Christianity over other faiths.  Consider also, his wife is Jewish.

Me?  I just felt that a lot of the Xmas carols and songs were very poorly written, passionless and really not that well done.  Certain singers can make certain songs work, even Xmas songs.  It has nothing to do with religion--I just don't like the songs.  Most of them are really not good.

What's worse, is that everyone on a record label has to do Xmas music, either for compliations or whatever.  Some of those efforts are obviously tossed off...even original songs sound like shit.


Look...if you want to keep Xmas for the religious or commercial aspects, or both, please do, and have fun with it.  I don't mind, really.  I am probably working that day anyway, that is something that does not bother me.  

I do use this time to reflect, and as my coven approaches Yule, it's a good time to do that.  I guess it's just very hard to deal with all the joy and gaiety when you don't always feel it.

But enough of this...I must get back to what I do.

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