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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A funny, funny look at how NOT to write...and other things

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I hope this works...enjoy this, or go to and punch up "So You Want to Write a Novel."

Hilarious.  This is a bizarre version of the way some people behave when they think they're hot shit, and that they're the greatest thing ever.

The questions are important ones.

Anyway, back to the dentist.  My lower left jaw was numbed into madness with needles, long needs, and my teeth and gums were scraped by steel picks. 


Better news:  I finished the edit of TOS-3, and of course, found a way to change the ending.  Same ending, but kept to the idea of how it ended with a bit more whatever.

I do NOT believe that anything I've written is as wondermous as the fellow in the video thinks his own shit is.  I know I have worked hard on the craft, and will always do so.

Ei...what a life...was up til 230 in the am...up early to get my teeth scraped, and I have one more round to do.  Back to other things, running up to Harrisburg to give info to the Clear Channel person, which could have been done by a bloody phone call.  Oh, such fun.


Probably should not mention this, but I met a most interesting person yesterday in the Morebucks.  Really nice, funny, intelligent person; they are lacking around here, at least where I usually hang out.  

There is a sameness in this world, here...too many people are fearful of change to the point where they wall themselves off and any disruption of routine drives them into a brain explosion.  

Argh, I must go and explode some brains!  I need to get my mind working on the next thing...whatever it is.  Such is life.

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