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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

THIS IS ONLY A TEST...for now...

Well, following the exodus of the many from Myspace and other such social networking sites, I've decided to give this little place a go.  I am not exactly sure why I'm doing this, except to put things out there.  I don't honestly feel I need to do this to prove I'm still alive, or that my life has value by writing publicly for the universe to see, but then again, I've found it instructive.

At times, I've received good feedback, advice and occasionally a slap upside the head to return to practicality.  Not that I'm good at staying there.

For those of you who may have chanced across this page:  I'm a lot of things, as you'll find out.  I'm 45, and have lived a varied life, which I'll go back to from time to time.  I've been in the radio business 26 years (been there, done it), and still am; I've been an actor, a musician, a writer, and who knows what else.

My main goal now is working with my intrepid agent of the Sullivan-Maxx Literary Agency to get my first book, "Sweet Dreams:  Searching for Roy Buchanan" published.  It's the first of a series, it's fiction, drama, time travel, Japanese anime (in word form), and an examination of music.  TOP THAT, STEPHANIE MEYER!

I've battled depression my whole life; I will explain this from time to time.  It's not fun; anyone who has any similar afflication will be able to understand that.  I've had all kinds of "issues" in my past, but nothing that hasn't killed me, nor will it.

Spritiually, I'm different things...again, you'll find out.  Despite the assertions by certain individuals that I have a pathological hatred of religion, that is not so.  I have respect for all faiths, as far as I can understand them, and I defend your right to it, so long as you respect and defend mine.  I know, that might be hard, but it is what it is.

I am outspoken, and you will find that out.  Over the years, I've tried to be a bit more sympathetic without just abandoning my position on things...diplomacy or whatever.

Anyway, I hope I got this bloody thing set up right; me and computers, we don't get along.  I've send my poor Gateway desktop back to the Geek Squad more times than I care to recall, because standing or sitting in Best Buy is not my idea of fun.

Okay...let's see how this works...I shall send you more missives, observations, thoughts and maybe even a good idea or two.  That'd be kinda cool, wouldn't it?

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