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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday...Strange Phenomenon, and My Writings

Okay, let's see if I can find a way to put this together...since Myspace has disabled a lot of cool applications in an effort to make their stinker of a site more user-friendly, I have to find a way to let the world know what I'm up it matters, right?

In the's early for me on a Sunday.  I did have to get up and let Merry (Kaitryth's dog) out for her morning constitutional, urrr, watering of the lawn today, but that's cool.

I'm about to put the Walkman on shuffle...which is cool, considering that I've over 2,000 songs on the damn thing, and it's the only way I'm gonna listen to a lot of the stuff.  I did pick up Bryan Ferry's new CD, "Olympia," the other day, and so far it's good.  Really interesting stuff; never was a fan of Roxy Music, but Ferry's solo stuff, very good, especially "Boys and Girls," from around '85.

So...back to WITF this afternoon, to do the KYW Sports updates.  May also have a little extra work at the Ticket next weekend, always good.  Also gotta start thinking about clearing up the house and preparing for my trip to Maine.  So much to organize, not good at that.

Feel pretty dear friend Riz and I have each been battling what Winston Churchill referred to as the "Black Dog," or depression.  I know quite a few folks with it; for now, I feel awake, alert and not in any deeper morass than usual.  

There's a lot of ways to avoid it, get around it, or plow through it, but the needs of how to do that change an awful lot.

A friend of mine over in Europe is going through it now; I've made friends with a young lady named Tika, who lives in Tblisi.  She's at university, and things are pretty rough.  I won't elaborate, but she feels as I've felt often.  You feel out there, and not at all together.

For me, it's ride the fucking thing out.  Not much more can you do.

Believe...that's coming back.  Eddie Izzard's documentary, "Believe," is required watching for you!  Anything you want to know about getting on in life is have to believe you are this, that or whatever.  I understand now.

So...editing...I often go by acronyms.  I've written a great deal the past three+ years; for those of you scoring at home:

SDS = The Sweet Dreams Series.  This is the multi-volume series set in Japan; it is fiction, combined with time travel, anime (esp. in the manga we're woring on), and an examination of music.

ORC = The Other Roads Club.  This is a trilogy along some of the same lines, but not all.  Different characters, a different series, different focus.  A bit more down to earth, with some slightly Pagan leanings, at least in one of the character's forward motion.

TOS = The Outcast Society.  Trilogy, again similar lines, but different people, dealing with very different things, and a more Pagan bent.  Not hitting you on the head with faith or anything like that, just how it is.

I do have some other stuff I'm working on, which gets explained now and again.  I am working on other ideas, of course.  None of this is published, but it will be.  SDS-1 will, and then the rest will follow.

I believe, as well as know.  And I'm not being an arrogant fuck, either.

Okay, I must get off into it...TOS-2 is in need of more editing.  This is what I do; to keep myself out of trouble, haha...

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