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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

90 Degrees in Wiscasset, Maine? Say What?!?

Yeah, I had to wonder about that, too.  I'm traveling today...after a quick stopoff in Portland for Tim Horton's Candy Cane donuts (a little taste of Canada for Riz, Leesh and whomever else), I was on my way to Portsmouth.  Biz meeting with Riz @ the famous, original Friendly Toast.  Also gonna melt my plastic at Bull Moose Music, I'm sure. sister's Subaru Outback is an interesting vehicle.  My Big Sis is very small, and how she crams herself into that tiny driving space, I have no bloody idea.  Besides, her back pad, the rug over the back pad, and the electronic seat is a total weird mess I cannot figure out.

Now the car handles beautifully.  I may well buy one of these, when the Silver Saturn announces its retirement, but hopefully that won't be for another 2 or 3 years.  It has a bunch of odd features to it.  One of these is a separate WB...Weather band.  So you can get NOAA Weather Radio on it, from wherever you are.

Very neat.  The robotic tones of NOAA are a part of my life.  Dad used his little weather radio for immediate forecasts in order to plan farm actions.  He loved the thing.  I have one myself, which I have used for years to track the weather and to plan my driving, be it to Harrisburg, or DC or wherever.  A very decent and needful thing.

So this car radio has one!  Weird.  And the report is extremely long for Maine; it lasts like 15 minutes.  Coastal forecasts, tides, wave heights, and then forecasts for everywhere, temps, etc.  Weather Junkies...if you think the Weather Channel is hot shit, you have not lived until you've sat and droned yourself into unconsciousness with this thing.

Don't get me started on the Weather Channel...since they injected Stephanie Abrams with more Prozac than needed, and hired that ignorant jackass Al Roker, the channel is now a ratings-driven joke channel.  Oh, I got started.

Oh...90 in Wiscasset?  Well, someone hit the wrong keystrokes at the NOAA center, because it's cold up here!  22 degrees, or something like that.  Typical winter weather; then I heard the robot voice say it was 90 in Wiscasset.

Okay...unless Global Warming has decided to open fire on the town known for two abandoned schooners that are no longer there and Route 1 running through it, something is wrong.

I'm in the rest area food court in Kennebunkport.  My meeting in Portsmouth is not for a while, and I needed to stop anyway.  So here I am updating you.

Susan looks well, but is dealing with health problems.  I now admit I am starting to worry about her a little; she's undergone a couple of major procedures, and her lungs are not good.  She does not smoke, but she has Dad, not good.  But she hangs in there and does her best.

Rob is dealing with a bad cold, but the dude is built like a fucking tank and has no quit in him.  I can only hope I don't pick it up...can't afford it right now.

Freeport is the same; but it was very quiet earlier this week.  Not a lot of folks getting about; I popped into a couple of places I love that are unique to here, Mexicali Blues for one, the Mangy Moose for another.  I'll go to Bean's tomorrow I think.

Yeah, I what?

It's been good up here again...I miss New England, have I mentioned this?  To be practical, my chances of living in Boston ever again, or any of New England due to the taxes is highly unlikely, unless SDS-1 takes off.

I'm not holding my breath.  I am positively convinced that it will sell, but I will not bank on it becoming a monster hit.  I have to remind myself, that is not in my hands.  That is in the publisher's hands to get it out there right, and then it's up to you, dear readers.

I have gone on, haven't I?  In any case, I'm really happy to just be back here, even for a few days.  Vermont is a different spot than Maine (the former my home state), but New England is a land all its own.  It's got a character you can't find anyplace else in the world.

Okay...I gotta get moving.  Stuff to do!

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