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Monday, December 20, 2010

Blink...and you just might miss it!

Paul Weller's song is in my head.

It is Monday afternoon, and I'm slowly recovering from the weekend.  A busy one.

To recap:  my flight into BWI was quick and uneventful.  Saturday was busy!  Did the sports updates for KYW until 5, then zoomed up the highway to Clear Channel to help with the Bears game on the Ticket.  Got to run most of the game, and it went well enough.  Still don't know a lot of the nuts and bolts, but getting there.

The instructions are good, but in all caps, and single-spaced, and I can no longer read this stuff.  I'm rewriting them to add notes, tips, etc.  Mostly for me, but maybe I'll pass it on to the boss when it's done.

Sunday...finally polished off another edit of "Parasite Girls."  I really enjoy this story; it is a good one, and has a lot to offer to people, to think about stuff, and how they see others in their lives.

Seems that Empress Riz has been scheming to hook me up with her dear friend KJ.  Got a call out of the blue at 11 pm Saturday, just as I was leaving the CC studios.  I was so exhausted that I couldn't really communicate well.

Did speak to KJ again Sunday; she seems very nice.  When people try to "hook me up," it doesn't usually work, but I don't want to put the kibosh on anything, yet.  KJ sounds like a sweetheart, so friends at least is always good.

Will be seeing them all NYE...heh.  That should be fun.

Now Sunday...rolled up in time to watch the amazing comeback of the Eagles over the Giants.  Now, you have to understand:  I FUCKING DESPISE THE NEW YORK GIANTS!

Why?  Well, in the 70's, long before Cable TV, growing up in VT, all we had was the antenna on the roof of the house to get any sort of reception.  We were too far away and too low in the valley to get the NBC affiliate in Plattsburgh, NY; as a result we had the CBS, ABC and Canadian stations.

This is why I was probably the only Montreal Canadiens fan living in Vermont!

So yeah...every damn Sunday, we had to watch hideous New York Giant football teams.  Occasionally, CTV in Montreal would run AFC games on Sunday, so we'd get the Steelers and occasionally the Patriots.

But the Giants...sucked bad in those days.  I remember "The Fumble," and that amazing finish, which is now being likened to what happened yesterday.

As someone blogged, "Joe Pisarcik is finally off the hook."

Matt Dodge is the new patsy for the New York football Giants, after he tried to punt out of bounds, but the ball went off the inside of his foot, and right to DeSean Jackson, the most dangerous return man in the league.

Amazing.  I don't even like the Eagles, because 95% of their fans are insufferable, whining, complaining jackasses!  Only a grade higher than Boston sports fans of any kind.

But that was one hell of a game.  I love getting paid to watch sports.  It's the only reason I could sit long enough to watch them.

While doing my update job, and working on some additional Radio PA Network stories (Polamalu's ankle injury may keep him and his hair out of the game until the playoffs), I watched his Steelers get their ass handed them by the Jets.

Then I saw a great Sunday nighter.  The Patriots had all they could handle from a very good Packers team, led by a backup.  Matt Flynn has nothing to be ashamed of; that kid did a good job, and his team rallied around him.

Packer fans are gonna piss and moan about the clock management.  Here's the problem:  Flynn was trying to listen in the helmet headset for what play he was to call.  He couldn't hear because of all the noise, and the clock ran out.

THIS is what is wrong with coaches calling plays:  NO AUTONOMY FOR THE QUARTERBACK, UNLESS YOUR NAME IS BRETT FAVRE!

Flynn, and this is hindsight...SHOULD HAVE CALLED THE PLAY HIMSELF!  He knew he was running out of time and had to hustle the team to the line.  He should have just said, "Fuck it, I'm calling this one."

I am sick and tired of coaches calling the plays for the QB.  Tom Landry was the first to do it way back in the day, but that was unusual.  

Today, every coach calls the plays.  The QB executes; okay, well and good, but your quarterback needs to have the space to change the play or to call one as he is on the field and is aware of changes to the defense.

Okay, enough football talk.

Now...I had good work over the weekend, and I am back on the job Xmas Day, but that's cool.  I always seemed to find myself working on Xmas, so I don't mind it at all.  I'll see what else is going on here.

Housekeeping duties...piles of paperwork and stuff that I ignored while I was in Maine last week, and stuff to do before I can think about whatever the hell it is I have to do today.

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