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Friday, December 17, 2010

Turning for Home

Okay!  It is before 5 a.m. at the Portland International Jetport.  I'm sitting in the departure area, surrounded by Mainers, cowboys, kids, and three dozen Asian exchange students...hmmm...

...anyway...I digress.

It has been a good three days or so here in Maine, and honestly I don't have any more time than that to do what I must do.  A busy weekend coming, and too damn many things to deal with right about now.

Okay, I'm not the first flight out.  That honor goes to DC...I've just learned.  Anyway, good to see Susan and Rob.  To borrow a phrase..."It's nice to know in an uncertain world that some things never change."

Susan is dealing with health issues, getting a new bathroom built and a litany of other things.  My appearance has broken up the monotony, haha!  I should hope so!

It broke up my own, to be sure.  My trip to see Riz in Portsmouth went well, very well; not much work done, but it was good.  The sojourn to Bull Moose Music netted me an unopened 3-CD set of "Shut Up and Play Yer Guitar."  Other than that:

Had a long talk with Bob, my old boss from WJIB/WKBR/WNEB/WJTO days...all the same up thataway.  The business is going well for JTO and JIB.  

Also did the LL Bean thing...Susan gives me a gift card for Bean's, and that's my Xmas shopping!  Nothing of great note, just stuff I needed.  I'm still not done shopping...but that is an easy matter to deal with.

Have I yet mentioned how much I despise Xmas Music?

I can't stand it.  Not the melodies, mostly the lyrics.  Most Xmas songwriting is crap!  Secular or otherwise.  I'm hearing a horrible version of some song through the sound system here.

The United flight crew is zooming by...small airport, so United Expres is going like mad to get that flight off the ground.  There are 6 flight to go at 6 a.m., then it's Air Tran at 6:05.  Weird.

I really did enjoy being back in Maine...great to see Portland...dropped back down to see my old XM friend Joe.  We sat in one of the ubiquitous CBD's and sucked down liquid crack.  Joe is bouncing around doing shit left and right.  I get the feeling he is still champing at the bit for more; wish I knew what to say to him.  Honestly, he's doing what he must, at least I think so.

I too am doing that.  I must continue with my writing...I started to feel that I was running dry a bit, in terms of new material, but then I have so much to edit.  

But I awoke at 2 a.m., in anticipation of getting up at 3:30 for the mad rush down here.  I may have a new one, and I think it may touch areas of my life I have heretofore avoided, or only touched upon.  Who knows what trouble this will cause in later years?

I do miss New England...I want to come back here...I don't think Maine is where I will live.  Mass. is where I want to go, and I need to continue toward that.  But there is too much in the occasional trips are a needful thing.

I have a lot of things in my personal life that more and more weigh on me, and I am reminded more than several times a day of what I need to consider.  Riz is one of the few people who is in the same boat, and we can discuss things that most people don't dare to, even with themselves.

I have a feeling:  when the books start coming out, you will see a pattern.  It may not be a very good pattern to take notice of.  But it is what I deal with, live with and go along with.

We must carry on, mustn't we? could be a damned sight worse, and I am well aware of that!  I don't count blessings...I count positive steps, I count achievements, and I count being able to stay right where I am confidently and without too much concern.  The basic stuff is good.

Now, I gotta get ready...Air Tran (THE AIRLINE FORMERLY KNOWN AS VALUJET) is gonna board soon...I landed Bizniz Class...I'm a playa!!!

Bullshit I am.  I like the extra size seats, the general quiet and the fact I put the shits up the businesspeople that sit there thinking they're playas.

And the other twats who think they're playas.

So much fun.  

Off I must go!

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