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Friday, December 24, 2010

Dec. 24th and beyond

Time to consider it all...well, it's almost Xmas.  

I had a very good Yule, and the celebration of the Winter Solstice was a fine one.  There was a lunar eclipse at about 3 am on the 21st.  Missed that, but I heard it was pretty impressive.

I've done all my shopping, done just about everything I need to.  Now you must wonder:  as I'm Buddhist/Wiccan/Pagan, etc., how do I deal with Xmas?

I have no problem when people wish me a Merry Christmas; I know it's a gesture of kindness, respect and all that.  All good.  I don't care how you celebrate the holidays, as long as you do it for the reasons you feel right about.

For us, it's kind of the early part of the Wheel of the Year; the God has been birthed once again, and the cycle goes around once more.  Time to look back, and reflect, and think about what you will do in the coming year.

I can't get all preachy or tell you what to do with that; it's up to you.

Other have asked what do I do?  Well, I've almost always worked on Christmas.  In the radio business, there are no days off.  I'm working this weekend, so it's all good; I do what I do, get a little extra $$$, and make my way through it.

I'll probably do my holiday cooking tonight; I like to do that on Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Good food, and good whatever else; always fun.

I received an unexpected and sweet gift from Hannah, the "Office" manager--vegan homemade cookies.  How wonderful; I love her.

Things like that keep me from feeling too terribly depressed during the holidays.  We do what we can.  

Now I gotta go get cat food!  The little ones need their stuff, too!

Whatever you do, enjoy the holidays, and however you want to call it, do!  Show a bit of consideration for your fellow human beings, tomorrow and every day as we should.

Peace Out!

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