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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

An Update on Life

We are indeed busy...first and foremost, I'm back on the air once again tomorrow morning!  Shameless plug time, I know.

I'm hosting "Morning Edition" on WITF Wednesday and Thursday mornings, from 5-9 am.  Mr. Layne is on assignment, and he actually is.  So I get to navigate that madness once again, which is the NPR clock.

It's not as easy as you'd think; but once you get the routine down, you're pretty much okay.  There have been some changes in the past few months, due to cutbacks and other subjects that have come about.  In any case, the product is still a good one. is where you can hear all the action, thrills and excitement that is...NATIONAL PUBLIC RADIO.  Haha...

I need whatever work I can get right now.  I had three ballgames last week for Clear Channel, and only one this week.  I did handle Radio PA Network Sports this morning, and that went pretty well.  I like being able to go on a moment's notice and be the go-to guy, which is now the case at WITF.  I've made myself useful and known; now it's wait my turn.

Working out is going well.  I have a new trainer; Jesse is a former athlete and he's devised the kind of workout I really need.  It is cardio, more than anything, because I now know that's exactly what I have to have.  Being aerobically and cardio fit is really best for my body type, but also how I feel.

11 days without a about that.  

Anyway, the workouts do push me pretty well...I wanted to swim this morning, but the aqua class had taken I hit the weights and also did some of the exercises Jesse set up for me.  Kind of an off-day thing.  

I plan to swim each off-day, alternating with the workouts.  That is, if I'm capable of doing them.  I have to get in better touch with my body to see what is up there.

Either way, glad I'm doing it.  I do feel better already, and I hope to look more like myself again one day.

Now, this routine does alter everything else.  I have a ton of writing to edit, and I do consider that part of the writing process, and always will be.  "Take Another Road" will reappear in the form of Chapter 6 soon enough, I promise.  

Anyway, needed to put this out.  I do not feel as depressed, thankfully; another of the peaks and valleys I must contend with.  

Food is definitely a big part of that...I've often gone a couple of days without real food, especially while writing.  That is not good, as any nutritionist or athlete will tell you.  My vegetarianism is still in place, but I can do better within the system, and I am working on that.  My diet I think has helped stave off the worst effects of what I did to myself over the past six or seven years, re: the cancer sticks.  In any case, I do feel better, and that will make me more productive.

Had an interesting conversation with a young fellow who works the Morebucks here in York.  I knew there was a reason to come in here, as I debated whether or not I should.  Chris is a nice kid; he is a member of the Black Forest Clan...never heard of them, but they are a spiritually eclectic bunch of folks and their association is a loose one.  Best to keep it that way, I've seen what happens when you don't.

Okay...keeping to my other pursuits, and we'll see where the rest of it goes.  Anyway, I must be up at 2 in the a.m. to get ready for Morning Edition...slept a bit this afternoon, need more if I can get it.

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