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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Irene Update, Part 2

So far, the night in the Midstate has been pretty quiet...we've had steady rainfall for more than four hours, and also a bit of wind.  Nothing too terrible.  My NOAA Weather Radio tripped only once about 35 minutes ago.

Reports have been interesting, from different places, via Twitter:

RT : NJ News Traffic Advisory: Please avoid Highway 9, it's jammed with broken heroes on a last chance power drive.

It's so wet at Fenway, fans are playing 'Marco Scutaro', not 'Polo'... "Marco" from 1st base side, "Scutaro" from 3rd...

Those are the more humorous ones.  A old boss of mine had a boat near the Rappahannock, and hopefully got that to safety. 

On Long Island, an old friend of mine, and nearly 3/4 of her condo have stayed, despite the evac. order; Ardyth's reports include:

"Just starting to get some wind, been raining on and off all day."

"Lightning and thunder just arrived." (10:02 pm, Eastern)

"...the worst of it is not due to arrive for a few more hours."

"The only thing I'm really concerned with is the storm surge @ high tide tomorrow.  There's a canal 2 blocks away."

"We can't leave the house now...I hear the wind howling now."

Those all in the space of about 10 minutes.  Ardyth is Long Island tough, so they should be alright. 

My old friend Alexandra has just chirped in from NYC:  "All good...Irene is hype...just some wind and rain here."

Well...we'll see...let's hope the track of the storm continues off the coast, as this shows:

This is pretty neat...anyway, I am appreciative to NOT be in the middle of it, not for nothing.  I've been through two hurricanes, and survived countless Nor-Easters to respect Mother Nature.

NBC 4 has done a very good job of covering the storm tonight; still doesn't look like the worst is there yet...appears to be about 2 am for the city, by a rough look at the above link's model.

Mayor Bloomberg is talking once again...will go check this out.

I think I'll get down for a bit...I likely will be awakened by anything that goes down outside my bedroom window...if the storm doesn't wake me, the cats will!

Again, be safe, my friends and all others...

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