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Sunday, August 28, 2011

"Hurricane" Irene, Part 4...that should be about it from here...

Okay!  It's now 10:21 am Eastern Time as I write this, back to work at WITF.  My colleagues, Tim Lambert and Megan Lello are working it on 89.5, but I have not had time to really listen in; getting ready for very abbreviated sports reports for KYW 1060 in Philly.

I needless to say didn't sleep an awful lot; found plenty of things to do around the house while keeping an eye and ear out on things.  Had a couple of minor power outages, but the electricity came right back on. 

The worst of the storm has moved northward...

I haven't watched Boston TV in years, even when I go up to visit.  Looks like they're doing their best.  I give kudos to the NBC 4 crews in New York for doing a very good job, without sounding like they're covering the end of the world.  A lot of local and some cable outlets could take lessons from those folks.

I finally awakened this morning to find still windy conditions and occasional bursts of rain.  The house survived the night okay, and the property looks good.  Couple of big downed limbs, but one of those was already headed for the ground anyway.!/media/set/?set=a.10150275719565787.336997.552340786&type=1

Not a lot of exciting pictures, sorry to say.  My old friend Alexandra who lives in NYC said Irene was all hype.  She certainly still caused plenty of damage along the coast.

Another old friend Ardyth rode out the storm on Long Island, in the mandatory evac. zone:  she reports they had power nearly all night, some heavy waves washed over the boardwalk onto the beach, but flooding has closed a number of highways.  So no one's going much of anywhere.

Irene is now a tropical storm, but still can cause trouble as it blasts through New England and into Canada.  But it looks like we came out of it without too much difficulty. 

Anyway, I do not expect to blog much more about the storm, unless something really unusual happens.  I did this mostly as an exercise of my skillz; keeps you busy and going.

I well remember the days when we had to go mad trying to rig any possible way of getting information, begging, borrowing and pirating if need be.  The Internet has made it easier, though not always perfect.

Looks like we're back to your regularly scheduled blog...haha!

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