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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Post-Rapture Meanderings...and Additional Weird Thoughts

Well, well, well...guess I missed "The Rapture," eh?

Suppose I better check with my friend Riz and see if there's an open chair by the fire in her little spot in Hell, I wonder how many of those stupid people who actually believed that dried up old fart's rantings that the world was coming to an end?

$80 million worth, apparently.  "Family Radio" (which family, though?  His?  The Manson Family?) pulled that much in, in "contributions" I think last year, or is that the old man's career of fleecing the sheep?

Anyway, like William Miller before him in 1844 or thereabouts, and like every other charlatan before, during and after, oops, miscalculation, it happens in October. 

Yeah, right.

So anyway...there's been some interesting discussion of late as to whether the FCC might actually get off its ass, find its stones (unlikely) and go after the Jesus Freaks who have violated their public trust by broadcasting filth, lies, propaganda and their own peculiar brand of bullshit.

Look...if you want to believe in Christianity, go right ahead; you have every right to believe in what you want (or not, if ye choose).  My beliefs are rooted in centuries past, long before a fellow named Jesus made the scene in the Middle East.  He may well have even met one of the forerunners of my path, and added that to his experience, though you'd never hear anyone say anything about that, oh no no no no no...

I actually do think that Jesus existed, but I also think that most of the stuff written about him is untrue.  Check George Carlin's discussion about that on Youtube..."Religion is Bullshit."

Back to my original thought:  will the FCC finally examine the murky licenses that seem to perpetuate themselves about broadcasting?  Will people (and by the way, YOU can do this if you are an American citizen!) begin to demand to examine religious radio station's public files?  Will they, when the time comes up for license renewal, file a protest with the FCC, and make a case that said licensee does NOT serve the public, but only a tiny portion of it, and only for themselves?

My guess is probably not.  We all have so much to do in our lives, don't we?  "Oh, never mind..." as Mike Malloy likes to say...and I like to add, "Is Oprah on yet?"

Well, the reruns are, I'm sure.  That bag of gas is finally done with her show, if that narcississtic cow would just take her ill-gotten billions and go the fuck away, I'd be happy.  Go built another school in Africa, get the gloss for doing so, and then ignore it until another scandal erupts.  Nice job, bitch.

I've not had the chance to blow off any steam in a while, can you tell?  Hahahahaha...I'm rather enjoying this.

So is the deal.  My feeling is the FCC will not go after religous broadcasters, because that is like a sacred cow, in more ways than one.  The Jesus lizards (sorry to the band) will wrap themselves in the Bible, the flag, and the First Amendment and proclaim all the good they're doing.  The FCC will say, "Fine," then go see about helping a fellow commissioner get a nice cushy job at Comcrap URRRRR!!!! Comcast, after allowing them to merge with NBC.  Gotta look after their own, y'know.

Ah, feels good to get all that out.  Well, guess what, friends?  We're still on this Earth, and we have to make the best of it, don't we?  I aim to; my spiritual health is just fine, and my mental health is quite good.  Physically, doing my best to work on it.

I make NO APOLOGIES for living my life the way I have, mistakes and all, THANKYOUVERYFUCKINGMUCH.

Now, that being said:  I am still sort of in recovery from a very long and busy week.  Five straight days of getting up at 2:30 am, downing a can of Amp to get straight and working "Morning Edition," on WITF.  Then...the KYW stuff on the weekends, then two morning of Radio PA Network Sports...urgh.

Yesterday, I suddenly realized I had some time off.  Concept.  Now, weird is weird, and here it is.  I was awake at 1:30 am on Tuesday, to go do the second of two days of the Radio PA thing...that involves getting to WITF early, getting and cutting down sound from our stringer who covered the Phillies game, getting together various other voice reports, other sound, writing some new pieces, composing and voicing four sportscasts, and getting two gigantic Sportslines ready for sending out.

Busy.  Yes.

So...I get outta there at about 6 am., busy morning.  I'm home...I can't sleep, are you fucking kidding me?  So what do I do?  I put on Hank III (Damn Right and Rebel Proud) and I clean!

I'm not good at cleaning, as my former wife will tell you.  It's not that often I get at it, but I did this particular morning.  Hank III is fucking nuts...anyone know that yet? Outlaw country/punk weirdness.  I'll bet his dad is pissed at the boy's success.  Actually, I think Hank #3 is like 40 now, isn't he?  I don't even know.

Anyway, good motivational music to get the mudroom, kitchen and bathroom cleaned.  Laundry, I'm still doing it!  And anyway, that all done and then off to the Office.

"Silk Road Days" has turned into a very strange novel.  It is now more than 400 pages, and I don't know why.  It is a rough draft, to be sure; and I realize that this is gonna take a lot of rewriting, crafting, sculpting and fuck knows what else.  I really bit off more than I could chew with this idea, but I am at least patient and I'll find a way to make this thing work.

Been waiting to find out if a publisher likes the Sweet Dreams Series enough to get going on Book 1, "Searching for Roy Buchanan."  I do realize that needs a rewrite as well; and I'm prepared for however that goes.  I must, I now realize get back to my voice taking over and speaking, telling the story, etc.  I veer away from that at times.

We will see how it goes, but either way I'll get this thing done.

I also need to get back to the radio thing, and thank the gang at WITF for all their help and encouragement.  It's a real team that works there, and I want to work with them one day; I really haven't done much.  I'm the backup QB, and that's fine with me.  Got enough else to do, right?

Alice is coming to visit...<grin>...I am quite pleased at the development of our relationship.  For once I feel a bit more grounded than I ever have...very nice thing, indeed.  You can read her poetic thoughts at Edgar Alice Croe -- interesting stuff.

Ei...gotta get outside...nice day today, and I need to figure out whatever else I must do.  Couple days off is kinda nice; need a few more of these.

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