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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Just When You Think You Know it All... suddenly are reminded you don't know jack shit.

Another busy and odd period for me.  As usual, I'm a person that has to be working on something or accomplishing something...or I'm not doing anything.

I finally got back to work on "Silk Road Days;" I've needed to go back through the book, and rewrite, as well as firm up a number of areas that just didn't work in the first draft.  Atop that, new scenes, new ideas, etc.  

Starting to work...I'm up to 240 pages, and I don't know where the end will be.  Lot more to get in, and figure out how and where it all goes.

Back to WITF this morning for "Morning Edition."  Yeah, feeling quite good that I was mastering things, then in the first hour realized that I could still lose the plot.  Lack of sleep, perhaps, but down to just not reading the log right.  But not bad, not bad at all.  Feeling a good boost in my confidence level.  

This weekend, I have KYW stuff, and then next week is a LONG PERIOD FROM HELL.  I will be busy several days in a row, as I sit in for Tim Lambert on Morning Edition, while he gets in a very well deserved vacation.


The new guy starts I think on May 27th, and hopefully we'll have him up to speed by then.  That should be easy, in comparison to me.

Anyway, going well, very happy.

I'm at the Harrisburg Office right now, listening to Will Ackerman's "Last Day at the Beach" on my Walkman, and retanking up.  Alice should be along soon, and I'm very happy at how we've progressed and so quickly.  

I cannot but say I am in love with Alice, and what can I do, but let it move on as it will. 

"My Generation..." Do I have to tell you?

Heehee...anyway, yeah, it's going nicely.  I'm relieved, and also happy beyond belief.

Dan and I got back together this week to play, and we've a new instrumental, 5311.  Provisional title, no words yet...good stuff, Dan comes up with some very interesting and superb guitar lines.

Also selling him my Les Paul.  Well, it's the Epiphone Les Paul; love it, but don't use it.  He works it well, and it fits.  Good for him.  I'll get another one day, but right now, my feeling is that for electrics, I'm headed back in the direction of Fenders.  Tele's and Strats are the guitar of choice for me, or built on those frames.  They just work for me.

Tomorrow, I'm off to Pittsburgh.  Never been; first a lunch meeting with an old friend from radio, that I met 1987, in New York.  Long story...for another day, but Lynn is just a great person, and I can't wait to see her.

Will see Riz, she of the "Letters from the Disgruntled Fringe" blog.  She is on the way...we'll meet up, and see Jim Jeffries in all his glory at the Improv.  A day away from here, and to see my old friends will be fucking awesome.

"When I'm Right (I'm Wrong)," by Dr. John and the Lower 911...good stuff.

Alice has called...I shall see her at the Guitar Center.  Yes, I'm gear crawling again...I know I should not, but I'm gonna see what they got.  And then I'll see where we go from there...

Ah, life is good...heeeheee...

I have been able to cast aside my concerns and my bitches about things that I just don't need to think about right now.  Some things over the past couple weeks make we want to just let rip, but it's going by...Zen thing, coolness....

I'll have a review of my road trip to Pittsburgh, the city, Riz, Jeffries and the like thereafter.

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