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Friday, September 16, 2011

All the Young Dudes...Fashionistas, and the Number 49

Well, today is an interesting Friday...I'm sure you're wondering what that lovely title is all about, right?

Live version of "All the Young Dudes," by Bowie (NOT Mott the Hoople) started my iTuneage this morning.  I'm in the semi-fashionable place across the street from the Place Formerly Known as the Harrisburg Office; I've finished off my second straight morning hosting "Morning Edition" on WITF 89.5 FM (and WYPM 93.3 in Chambersburg--must say that apart from the location), yadda yadda yadda...also two straight days at the Harrisburg LA Fitness where I managed to avoid respiratory poisoning via the over-chlorinated spa yesterday.  

Busy week...the morning show wasn't too bad either day, despite occasional curve balls; I have a double starting in the very early morning Saturday for the Radio PA Sports Network, then KYW 1060 in Philly...what can I say, this is radio, this is jobbing.

"Perfect Love...Gone Wrong," album...interesting...this is from a disc I burned from the River, so I've not listened much to it.

Anyway...yeah, the next few days are gonna be very busy.  A lot else going...slow work on my concept piece, slow work on "Take Another Road," and editing "Silk Road Days" once again.  On the latter, I've written four new scenes, and managed to fit the first one in.

My friend Riz, over at "Letters from the Disgruntled Fringe" has written lately on a couple of issues, and we've had a discussion over a recent flap about GLBT characters in Young Adult Fiction.

According to Publishers Weekly, either one or two writers at a certain agency were told in no uncertain terms by an agent, that they would get represented, IF...get ready for the IF...

They change a character's sexual identity from gay to straight, or get rid of the character altogether.

How do we say--CENSORSHIP? -- That's the link.

"Hope for Us All," Nick Lowe...strange, sedate stuff.

Anyway, the agency has responded.  They say their agent NEVER told the author(s) to de-gay or edit out the character.  They explained a number of reasons why the work was not accepted; these were all plausible. -- The link, there...

Opens a two-prong Can of Worms:

1--Are publishers and agents, fearful of alienating the "Christian" Right, not accepting writers of gay/lesbian works, or any work where there "might" be a gay character?

2--Is the Young Adult market become so paranoid, that even the act of swearing is not permitted?

I speak from agent asked me to have one character in my first book, "Sweet Dreams:  Searching for Roy Buchanan" not swear, but say something other than the Heavy 7 that got George Carlin in trouble.  

I agreed to, because the character, Hiro only swears maybe twice.  Not that big a deal; add to it, he is Japanese.  The Japanese do have slang words, but swear words that are specific to the language don't really exist.  They will use "loan" words, that are English or another language for the purpose...that's my perception, but I could be wrong.  Correct me, please if anyone know.

OH GOD..."Open Arms," by version...SKIP!!!

It slid into "Where Were You," which is tolerable.

Okay...I gave...but let me tell you something.  In my works, my characters develop as I envision them.  It has NOTHING to do with my sexuality, or any socio-political agenda.  I write them as they come to me.  That's it.

There is nothing terribly offensive in "SDS-1," as I call the first book, but that was not planned, either.  Just happened.

I just will not stand for anyone dictating to me what my characters can or can't say, or be or can't be.  There will be a publisher that takes it, and sees it for what it is. the soapbox.

"Echoes Around the Sun," Paul Weller...from the sound-heavy 22 Dreams.  Quite good.

Now...a new picture of me:

My friend Alice took it; I'm wearing her reading glasses.

My Ray Bans are cool as hell, but they are big and they make me look bug-like.  I may need another pair, something like those.  People like that look.

I suppose it could be my vanity; I am back in the gym because I need to get healthy again, and it's partly to feel good and look good.  More on that later.

Fashionistas...well, my sister sure thinks she is one.  She has for three years without fail suggested if not demanded that I shave my head.

True, I'm bald up there, and have had a receding hairline since I was 16.

"The Tide is Turning," Roger Waters...from "Radio KAOS."  Evocative, haunting tune that ends the concept album.

Susan expanded on this theme recently; she thinks I'd look good bald.  She thinks my headscarves and long hair give people the wrong idea about me.  She thinks everyone thinks I'm a hippie.

Others think I'm a biker (get that a lot, with a Harley plant near where I live), a gang member (the Pagan sticker might have something to do with that) or a Muslim.  Yeah, I got that once.

I wear what I do because I WANT TO.  Not to make a statement, except that this is me.  DEAL WITH IT.

Susan means well, of course; but she is so much like our departed mother.  She also is the one who decried her husband wearing his baseball cap backwards like his nephews when they went to ball games, and she didn't like it on me, either.

But she suggested this flat cap like the one she bought and wore when she went to the UK years have got to be fucking kidding me.

Susan is trapped in 1959 at times.  Sad; and I'll have to hear it all again if I visit in December.

Oh, before I forget:  49?

Today is my 49th day without a smoke.  How about that.

I have not missed it in weeks; what a relief!

I did get my 20 Minutes of Hell the other day at LA evaluator Sam put me through the grinder again, but he was pretty happy with what he saw.  I increased all my numbers from that first day to more than 50% higher.  1/2 inch off the waist line, a little increase to my calves, thighs and arms.  I feel better, and I know I'm looking like me again.

It's all worth it, and for once I can say it.

"One Time One Night," Los Lobos.  Great band, so underrated, and overshadowed by "La Bamba."  That should never have happened.

My workout in theory is three days a week of cardio on a rowing machine, floor exercises and stair work.  The others I swim; if anything, I go all out, at least at the start.  I can't quit, not by a long shot, I have too much to prove to myself, not anyone else.

Well, I have to get back to it; I have a new desk that needs assembling (I hate that), and that means cleaning and clearing out the Vibe Room.  Sleep might be a good idea, too...

...another one of those weeks.

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