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Sunday, September 4, 2011

The People Who Worry Too Much, and Other Strange Observations

Well, it's been a few days since I have blogged, and I do have things on my mind that I've wanted to get out there.  It's been another of those weeks.

Surprisingly, I have four days off, technically.  Labor Day through Friday, I honestly don't have to work, except for the gym and a couple of appointments.  I'm not sure what I'll do with myself, but I see a pile of things I need to do at home.

Well, I can do a lot of my writing anywhere, and I usually do it elsewhere these days.  I have another idea cooking that I'm trying to put together, while editing the "Other Roads Club."  I don't know when Chapter 12 will be ready, to be honest with you.

Then there's "Silk Road Days," my latest plan to get back to it has been held up because I'm trying to figure out how to add new scenes.

And...another new story idea is in my head, and demanding to be released.  I have character sketches, but no idea how it's going to go.  As usual they don't make sense, yet., yes more games to deal with, and a bit more work on WITF.  I will again be hosting All Things Considered next week for at least one day, and then Morning Edition for a few more.

There's a lot of stuff I need to get down and done, but I have to proceed carefully. 

Had a bit of an epiphanous moment the other day, while talking to my friend Alice.  One of the reasons I've said I need to get the fuck out of PA is because of something I DID NOT see, when I was in New England; this leads to why I want to go back there someday.

Here are the differences, from Pennsylvania, in relation to Vermont, New Hampshire and Massachusetts:

--Words.  Yes, languages; in VT, but especially Boston, I heard a mix of languages, people from all over the world.  There is something very interesting to me about foreign languages, even if I don't know what people are saying.

In initial thought is that I don't hear anything like that.  I hear Spanish, but that's about it.  PA people just get their panties in a bunch, and bitch under their breaths, "Why don't they speak American?"

Oh, I'm sorry..."UH-MURRICAN."

--Speed.  I admit that the fast pace of city life got to me after I'd left it years ago.  Now I want that back; I want to be a part of a place where there is movement, and not lumbering about like each day is a day to survive, not to live.

--Lack of Worry.  Here is the one thing I saw up there, that does not exist here.  Even with the economy, the world being a rough spot, and personal difficulties going on, the people up there, especially the younger folks are moving!  They are moving on their lives, and going forward to make it, without worrying so much.  At least not vocally.

In PA?  Griping everywhere, in the papers, on the talk shows, everywhere I go someone is ranting about the end of the world, the latest conspiracy theory, how we need to join a political cult of personality (I'm not naming any names, there are too many), and this lack self-understanding and self-respect, even.

I know it exists up there too (esp. in parts of NH, still), but there is a definite can-do and will-do attitude up there that the Mid-Atlantic has lost.  It's so much easier to be depressed, to sit in a world of dejection, fear, anger and hatred, instead of looking past the TV or computer screen and considering the possibilities.

Had enough?  I have.  My main reason for remaining here, is because unless the world changes radically for me, I get a good chance of getting back into my chosen profession on a full-time basis, so I can then work on everything else.  Not right away of course, but I must work myself into that spot.

Funny thing...despite all the screaming about Harrisburg, I kind of like that little city.  I work here, and early this morning I was driving home from WITF, and as I went across the bridge, I looked over at the city, and the lights.

Not too big, not too small; there was still life over there.  Not a bad spot to be, I don't think, in the future. 

Just gotta look out and look beyond...and now, I must get back to work.  KYW is calling...

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