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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Another Long Week

It's been rather a busy one, with a lot of changes going on.  I am currently working on Chapter 5 of "Take Another Road," but don't know when it will be ready.  You always think it's great after going over it so many times; then you leave it alone for a bit and realize, you've changed, and now this must change as well.

There has been little to report as we roll into August.  Work is the same; I've finished a number of edits, and yet I have more to work on.  I keep finding things in my writings that must be better, and must be improved.

Now, I've made another step, and time will tell if the time, money and pain are gonna be worth it.  I quit smoking (yet again) on Friday, and joined LA Fitness.

Yep, I'm hitting the gym.  The aim will be to have me work out three days a week, and I'll meet once a month with a trainer to see how I'm doing.  It didn't take long for me to realize that my decision to improve my health came not a moment too soon.

I am a physical wreck.  At 45, I don't look or feel right.  Not overweight, underweight probably, but my body is just not what it should be. 

We did a 15-minute workout to start, and it was hell.  I barely made it; but the trainer was cool, and said I did better than some...he said he's seen guys actually say they needed to use the bathroom halfway through this simple workout, then run like hell out the back.

I told him I couldn't do that to him; that would be a shame I'd never live down.  But I was in bad shape...and am going to be for a while.

Most of my problems are not serious ones...just have too much body fat, though it's hard to tell on me, and I need to get my inner strength and flexibility back.  They're gonna work with me, I just hope my body is up to it.

You'd think I'd be all right with it; I don't drink, don't use drugs, I'm vegetarian...yeah, the smoking is bad, but I've resolved to quit, and I'll deal with that. 

Because of how tight I am physically, I went back today for a short workout, in which I just stretched those areas that really hurt like hell, and also got on a bike for a while.  Not the progress I want or need, but it's a beginning.

I do enjoy this, though; it does give you a good feeling, and I hope I can keep it up without getting hurt or losing my drive.  The overall feeling is the important thing; I'm not out to impress anyone or get anybody's attention.  I just have to do this for me, and remind myself it is for me.


That said:  I hope to have Chapter 5 of "TAR" up soon...I hope also to have a few other matters taken care of.

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