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Thursday, July 14, 2011

To Serialize, or Not to Serialize...that is the Question...

I am seriously considering doing this, and wondering what others might think.  A few years ago, I serialized the first 2/3 of Book 1 of "The Other Roads Club," to see what kind of reaction I'd get.

Some people definitely read it, and I got some good compliments.  My reasons are to see how some of my other work stands up.  I will not put out the first book of the Sweet Dreams Series, because that is dear to me and requires much more work.

My idea is to put out the first book (in its rough form) of "The Outcast Society:  the Way We Are."  I put page 99 of this here on the blog last year, as part of a blogfest/contest, that my friend Alicia started up.  I got good compliments from readers on just that page, and there was a definite interest in the story.

I think I want to do it; I'll start the work to copyright the story (even in this form, I can always update it), and then post up chapter by chapter, say one a week or thereabouts.

What do YOU think?  Do you want to read one of my Japanese-located YA fictional deals, and find out what really is going on upstairs in my head?

Consider that it's been edited, but not completely, would you read it?  Would you buy it when it was put out?

Would you be willing to tell me what you think?  I'm sure you would.  Let me know...because I think this is a form of promotion of my work, and while this may not come out for a while, it is something you might get into...I want to see how many people might come over to the blog to read and check it out.

OK?  I await your responses...

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