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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

In the Wake of it All...this is "Not for You"

The Pearl Jam song is grinding through my Walkman...yes there will be more lovely updates on what's been going through it.  Old Wall of Voodoo, Tom Russell, Chris Whitley and others...

...oh where to begin?  I realize it has been a week or so since I blogged, and to be honest I have just been too busy.  Where to start, when you don't know when the beginning actually took place?

It's kinda like that.  Anyway, I do recall having a Weekend from Hell.  Did the WITF/KYW sports thing Saturday...then it was late shift Sunday, then doing the fast turnaround to do the Radio PA Network sports in the very early Monday morning for the 4th of July.

"Immortality."  More Pearl Jam on the Walkman...hmm...never was a fan of these guys back in the day, but I can now kind of respect where they were headed.

Easy enough, as nearly all the games were over early.  The boss rewrote the handbook on the operation of the network stuff, thankfully, so now I have more of a handle on what I'm supposed to be doing with it.

Hope your 4th was good.  I had a game that night for the Senators, but I got invited to a cookout.  Normally, I ignore these things.  But Alice kindly invited me out to meet her family and some friends.  That was fun, and very interesting.

Guess her folks like me, that's good.  The state of our relationship is not in a bad place; we have agreed to proceed with a more measured pace, and see what happens.  Either way, I think we both realize we got nailed by a freight train, heh.

No reply at all from a certain person about a certain matter; not worried.  That will occur when need be.

My sleep patterns remained messed up; a couple of days and I could not get out of bed until 2 pm.  Just kept sleeping; gather my body needed it.

Trying to consider my future as well; I think I'm on the right track for what I need to do, for me...will see where the rest of it runs.  I can't predict my future, I have to see what comes up.  

I do foresee certain things, but there is no way for me to say that yes, this will happen.

"H8 Line," by Hank III.  Weird shit.

I have been reworking a bit of "SDS-3."  I usually go through the entire series to keep working on it and making changes.  Some additional stuff needed for this.  Unfortunately, I don't feel focused enough to do it justice.  It will take time.

Everything does...most things are at a slower pace than I usually expect, but I suppose that's a good thing, right?

So the whole world has got their panties in a bunch over the Casey Anthony you did NOT see that coming?

I am not amazed nor even fascinated by the visceral hatred that is spewing from the uneducated and proudly ignorant.  Honestly, one of their own got away with it, you think they'd like that.

I love all these people who have been obsessed to the point of spending thousands of dollars to travel to Florida to stand out in the blazing sun while the trial goes on.  WTF is wrong with society?  Look at these people.

"Lightning's Blues," John Gorka.  Good stuff.

So it's another miscarriage of justice, eh?  Not really.  As usual, the nation and our ignorant mass media believe you are guilty til proven innocent.

The system is not at fault; do I think Casey did it?  Hell, yes.  The prosecution blew it.

I've said this before, and I'll say it again:  they had a long string of circumstancial evidence; that is NOT enough for conviction.  Those threads must be connected.

The prosecution acted like they had an open and shut case from the a prosecutor you must never think like that.

They did not rebut defense evidence well; they did not question nor disprove much of what expert witnesses said, nor did they make a proper series of arguments.

The prosecution did a terrible job, in sum.  It is they who carry the can for the lack of a conviction.  I think some of them must have been deluding themselves into thinking that a big time conviction would mean for them a judgeship or a political career.  That's how a lot of them make their name; one big conviction, even if they lose, and they get the dream, as it were.

"City Song," by Emmy the Great.  Odd folkie stuff...

Honestly, as sad as one must feel for that child, you know what?  Chalk it up to the one thing you had damn well better hope for if ever you are on trial for something:  guilt must be proven "BEYOND REASONABLE DOUBT."  That is the standard.  It is not, "guilty until proven innocent," or "guilty because Nancy "Screechy" Grace says so."

You can't just have the smell from the back of a car, folks.  You need proof, and connection of evidence as proof.

I have had enough of that shit.

Now...I have two more games this week, including tonight.  Have to go back to my chiropractor today to get a good cracking, that'll be fun.

I have so much weird stuff I have to do, and for some reason, I feel rather in the mood of not wanting to deal with it.  So things just kind of sit there.

"Shot in the Dark," Alvin Lee...nice.

Back to the book, I have to consider ideas for a cover.  I know what I would like to see, but I don't know if it even makes sense.  Need to tap the minds of my "team," and I have one that makes things interesting, because they do challenge me on a lot of stuff.  Always good.

Also have new characters working in my brain, and I don't know what on Earth I'm gonna do with them.  Just have to let 'em cook up there for a while until I can decide what they mean, and for what in particular.

So anyway...where was I?

This is what happens.  This is like a rough draft of my books.  It is a stream of consciousness, though usually I can stick to the subject at hand and then keep it on one scene at a time.  No such luck here.

"Millionaire," by Beady Eye...Liam Gallagher and the Oasis survivor's project.  Liam had a whole lot to prove when he put this out, and he's got it done.  Very good songs, interesting production.  The gauntlet has been thrown down to his brother; Noel had better produce.  Competition, what fun.

Anyway, that's life as of now...should get back to whatever it is I'm supposed to do...that's pretty normal isn't it?

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  1. Glad all is well. I think I'm the only person in the world who didn't tune into the Casey Anthony thing. Doesn't sound like I'm missing :)