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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Long Week, and Another Week from Hell is Coming...

Well, another week has passed.  It has been a strange one for me, where to begin?

First, I have been working hard on "Silk Road Days."  I'm warming to the return to the Japan/Anime/YA Fiction thing, and I think once the framework of the initial script is done, I can go further and figure out where it is all going.

15 chapters are down as of this evening; I do not know how long it will take to finish.  And then there's the gaps that need to be filled in, probably a lot of those.

TrafficTalk, which I've explained in the past, has announced a suspension of operations.  So, I will not need to be in front of a computer in the afternoons for the foreseeable future.  I had guessed we were headed there.  At the moment, talks are continuing about technical aspects of the service and how it can be used. 

This frees me up to go hustle about and add some additional radio work, hopefully.  I did train briefly last week at Clear Channel Harrisburg (WTKT-AM 1460 the Ticket) on the Senators baseball games.  Pretty easy; and I'm hoping for some more hours.

WITF is ready to start training me again this week on "Morning Edition."  I'll do three days of it, and possibly get on the air for a little...daggers.

This is gonna be tough, and I have to be ready to do it right and well.  Lot of timing issues as I've said in the past, but we'll see how it goes.  I'm optimistic.

The Dharma Fools have been quiet, as again we have become scattered.  I know we will return to form, and I must be patient.  Meant to happen when it does.

My friend Riz has finally convinced me to go to Pittsburgh in May and see Jim Jeffries at the Improv!  I'll go for a Friday nighter, because I have to be back the next day.  Also an ulterior motive of seeing an old friend who lives out that way.  Should be interesting if I can pull it all together.

Riz has lost her job; blessing or a curse, not sure.  It is time for her to consider the next move of her life and perhaps reinvent herself, but she knows what she's doing.  All good.

Urg.  Exhausted; must be up early again for the KYW thing...

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  1. Sounds grueling but Morning Addition would be awesome <3