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Monday, April 11, 2011


It has been one long week.  I've worked more this week than I have in a year and a half, in which I actually made money.  

Training at WITF was very long, but with Pledge Week, that's off until next week.  At least I have a beginning, and can go from there.  I rather enjoy the challenge of doing something I've never done before, and it's worth doing on a number of levels.  

A quiet weekend on the KYW front, and I got a chance to produce a Harrisburg Senators game at the Ticket.  So keeping my hand in has its benefits.

New book, "Silk Road Days" is coming along in fits and starts.  My new strategy has been to go back over the early part (100+ pages now) and then rewrite and add stuff that's missing.  There's a lot missing right now.

I need to expand the concept, and see what I can do with it.  I do like some of it, but the rest I can't get to work cohesively with the others.

The Dharma Fools did not get together last night; everyone busy or uncommunicative, so that's that.  We'll try again this week.

Very slow in terms of trying to get my life back in gear.  But that's pretty normal I suppose.  We all go through times when it does get slow, and you feel unable to get started properly.

Sofia is finally coming home today, I hope.  She has been at the vet five days, with some sort of internal problem.  She had a terrible case of heaves, and couldn't keep food down.  Also got dehydrated.  Vet says she's done all right and is much better, but no one knows what made her act like that.

None of the others were sick, so she may have just caught something.

Too much to do, must get to it.

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