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Monday, April 18, 2011

The Week from just a few hours away...

Here it comes!  But first, my updated link at my agent's site:

As you'll note, there's a lot of stuff I'm working on, writing, have written, and so forth.  Look about and you will see a very neat little site, and I'm quite thrilled to have them in my corner.

That said:  I've spent most of the midday writing out what I hope is a good guide book for my training at WITF, which starts early tomorrow.  It's back to "Morning Edition" training, and I hope to be proficient enough to get a shot at an hour or so on the air.

I've felt incredibly confused and overwhelmed at points, when I tried to synthesize more than one set of notes on this.  This includes a guide on the things you need to do and say, plus the WITF program log, which are two very different documents.

Then there's my notes; now I'm hopeful I've got the guidelines down so I don't sound a complete twat in the production studio tomorrow.

I'll be tanked up on coffee and liquid crack ~URRR!~ Amp, or its equivalent.  Don't get me wrong; I love Monster energy drinks, which was Ahltyrra's unofficial sponsor as certain people in the band trained on it.

Coffee Monsters are fucking wonderful, but also expensive.  Amp is sold in the vending machines at ITF, and they're essentially the same stuff in Monster.  Also cheaper, mind.

Anyway...I'm gonna be a wreck, but I've got a little better handle on things.  I'll be in early to make sure I'm on it.

The Week from Hell is coming...I'll be doing three days of training, then I've got a Senators game at the Ticket on Friday, two days of WITF/KYW sports work, and oh yes, a Bears playoff game at the Ticket on Sunday as well!

This the most paying work I've had in over a year!  Nice.

Walkman stuff...Doyle Bramhall, Senior's version of "Baby What You Want Me To Do" is done...Stones doing "Ventilator Blues" is running.  Walkman been running over time the past two or three hours.

I'm exhausted, and it's not even 2:30 in the afternoon.  In 12 hours I need to be up to get ready for another day in the studio.  Work, work and more work...

The writing is not on hold.  "Silk Road Days" is going through my brain as I try to figure the next step for Chapter 16, and how I'm going to get everything in.  This could be one long book, or perhaps I can fit it all in.  I've no idea.  It could be another damned series, who knows?

I have so much stuff piled up and ready to go; but we need to get that first one done.  Also need to get hold of Riz (she of the Letters from the Disgruntled Fringe blog), and Jen (our intrepid artist and GameStop expert).  

Rargh...need to figure out what else I'm doing here.  This is life, as we know it...always on edge and not always that certain.  Feh!

"Beautiful Swimmers," by Jimmy Buffett now...very different.  Onward...

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