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Monday, April 30, 2012

Just in time for Beltane...a new blog!

I never really know what colors are going to work on this thing, and my immediate thought was, "Look what they dun to my blog."

I am not sure I am liking this new configuration.  Just as well...been slowly planning to get things moved over to my new website, once Alice has time to think about it.

Back at the Office after a busy midday..."Woke Up With Wood" by ZZ Top is finishing on the iTunes, and..."Say What!" by SRV follows.  Nice.

Some mid 80's blues/rock, very nice.  

I have been sick for the first time in nearly three years.  Caught a bad-ass virus of some sort, and it thrashed every part of me for about 10 days.  On and off feeling like shit, and whatever it was must have been fucking bad.  Alice tells me that she teched for "Memphis," some stage show and everyone was down with something.  

Lots of lovely herbs and thingies...they're working, better than anything I can think of.  Antibiotics are useless to me; I've only had them like three times in my life and I am allergic to one, but I can't remember which one.  

Anyway, today is the first day in a while that I feel more awake.  My workouts have suffered, and I was down to every couple days because I just could not get myself up for them.  

Got an hour in today, though; bike, sauna, pool and the spa...hit for the cycle I guess.  

Okay, where are we going here?  Yes, it's April 30, and Beltane is tomorrow.  Snuck up on me there...I must do something for it, and I think Jethro Tull's "Beltane" might go along well with that.  It is a great song, bonus track on "Songs from the Wood," I suggest you check it.

Faerie Fest...well, the Dharma Fools were left off the bill once again, but I am not surprised.  They got a very good lineup this year; Wendy Rule, Telesma (despite one of their bandmates suffering a heart attack), and a bunch of other names.  Good for them.

Sorry to say as much fun as the FF is, I have no interest in going this year.  It is not because I am not performing there, either; it's gone by the way for me to some extent.  I also have to work, and that is unavoidable.

Work is the same...I'm job hunting, but would rather stay here.

"Lupita," by Dave Grusin.  A short, but interesting piece.  I snatched this from the prod studios at Clear Channel HBG.

Weekend Warrior work is the same, WITF/KYW on the weekends, plus some Radio PA Network stuff here and there, and 89.5 gives me the call now and again.  CCH the same.  Jobbing about.

"Don't Pass Me By," by the late Sean Costello.  Interesting...sad loss, this man.  Far too young, and his health issues caught up.

Speaking of which...Alice and I had a long talk recently about my meds.  I recently did a double of the Zoloft on the suggestion of my primary care doc.  In the short-term, it worked out, because it calmed me down from a manic period that began to get a little weird.  Losing the plot is not fun.

But there were drawbacks.  Too times.  My workout energy dropped, and I figured within a month I'd be more attuned to it.  I was, but something's missing.

I then proceeded to literally forget to take it for a couple days over the weekend.  Going off can be dangerous for some people, but I've been able to for a few at a stretch, and I'm okay.  I could feel the mania again a little bit, but not seriously.

I'm trying to go back to the regular dosage right now, and see if that works. Perhaps I can get to where I don't need it anymore.

Now, I'm sure you're wondering how Alice is figuring in on this.  Alice is bipolar, and I've seen her in some of her problem areas.  I have an in-law, an old friend in fact with it, and it's crippling to her at times.  I am not bipolar, but I share some of the symptoms and actions of it.

Alice wondered if getting off it might be better now, because I am older, and my body has changed a lot since then.  She wonders if my guitar playing might become better as a result.

Recently played a little on my own, and could feel some smoothness coming back that I'd not had.  Might be temp., but who knows?  I'll see.

As for the DF's, Dan and I are searching for band members.  No one's been fired, but no one's showing up anymore.  We need the sound and the punch of a band again, and I wish to play more electric.  It's time to push it that way.

Now, here's another thing.  I am considering a move to Harrisburg.  It would mean saying goodbye to my lovely patch of rented land in York, but that house is gonna fall down before long.  I don't have the money to buy it, but I have to talk to the landlady anyways about all that.

"Changes," by Santana...ah, the "Zebop" album.  Good stuff.

Alice and I feel this relationship of ours, strange and dysfunctional as it sometimes is, could work.  I believe it will.  She needs to clear time to get her house worked on...actually, it's her father's, and that is an issue in itself.  But she needs to get rid of the "Hoarders's" candidate material outta there, and do some fixing.

I'm not Bob Vila, I freely admit it, but her ideas are good ones and I think they are the right ones.

We can cut expenses, I'd be spitting distance to WITF and to CC; and I like Harrisburg.  We spent some time at the Reader's Cafe recently, and Alice showed me around the city a little.  Funny, how I've worked there for years and know absolutely nothing about it!

Access to musicians, oh yes...even better.

Oh, now how about the book thing?

Okay...I finished "Time the Healer" on Sunday.  The rough draft is 605 pages long.  Yes.  I have no idea how it got so fucking long.  

It must be cut down, a lot.  I have a lot to do with that.

Now...I am also putting the boot in, regarding a possible effort to get an extract of "Sweet Dreams:  Searching for Roy Buchanan" into print.  Jen, Riz, Alice and whomever else are going to keep hearing from me until we get something down so we can do this!

"My Skin," Natalie a beautiful voice and a great lyricist...but I do not need to hear this right now.  Sorry, Natalie...

"Southern Streamline" by John Fogerty.  Better.  I still think he is a dick for the way he's treated his old CCR mates, but that's his problem.

So yeah, a chance at a monthly website, called Front Row Lit or something of the sort...if we can get in there, then we'd be considered for the print version.  

Exciting.  We'll see.

Meanwhile I need to get ready to consider "Time..." and an edit.  I'll get to it eventually.

So yeah, it's been a busy past month or two.  Not exactly making any money, but whatever.  I cannot complain, and the future is feeling like a bright one.  How can it not be?

Too much time is wasted worrying about shit we can't change, WTF is going on with too many other things...I don't have time to listen to people's bitching anymore about things they can't change.  Change yourself for fuck's sake.

That's it...I'm the fuck out.

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