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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Writing/Dharma Fools/Real Life Update,!

Well, it has been a while, has it now?  The last several days have been extremely busy, and while there's been plenty of emo stuff and other weird shit, I'd like to think I came out of it alright.

Still alive, anyway.  Let's start with the music.

Well, last Wed., the 5th I got back onstage at the HMAC in Harrisburg.  The Midtown Arts Center is a happening place, right near the Midtown Scholar, and a bunch of other cool places.  Pity none of 'em are open in the evening, but oh well.

I played fairly well, but I was aware immediately of the talented artists that come to play a few songs and hang out.  I was of the mindset to come back the next week and do a better job.

Dan joined me this time, and officially now, the Dharma Fools made their return to the stage last night.  After another amazing performance by compere Mike Banks, we ended up going on next because no one else who'd signed up was there.

We tore through "Black Ambition," "Street of the Broken Dreams" and "That's Entertainment" by the Jam.  Went well, felt good to not be alone onstage again.  Got a lot of nice compliments from folks, which is a very cool thing.  Of course watching some brilliant performers that continued after us, well you can tell we've a bit more to do.

We were brought back later in the night to jam with bluesman Big Daddy Vince.  Vince Lumia is from Syracuse, NY and is down for work.  Last week he cobbled together an ensemble and blasted his way through some standards.  Had the whole Howlin' Wolf thing down.

He also took this cell shot of us...

I like this.  Thanks, Vince!

Anyway, we did end up with Vince onstage last night...I played djembe for the first time in I don't know how long...Dan on bass, a harpist, two guitarists and a sax player.  Hammered out a long stream medley of "Mannish Boy," "Bad to the Bone" and "Hoochie Coochie Man," then finished with "One Way Out."

Got a nasty bruise on my left hand from striking the edge of the drum to get the sound I wanted, but oh well.  Great fun.

That was the most fun I've had in so damn long.  Thank you Alice for bringing me there and...showing up before having to go tech at the Steve Miller concert!  She said he was really nice after the show and thanked everyone personally.  Class act. you must be wondering about Alice.  We have been kind of on and off and on and off again of late; finally we realize how much we're into one another, and it works for us.  All good.

Writing...well, it's been tapered off.  I have been studiously editing "Sweet Dreams:  Searching for Roy Buchanan" or SDS-1, and it has needed some careful work, but we're getting there.  Feeling a lot better and reading that way too.

I will get the next chapter of "Take Another Road" along soon, hopefully.  

I'm back to work on Friday...didn't work all week, but didn't I have a lot to do! cat Qi is now down to eight lives.  He nearly strangled himself with the cord that holds my djembe stand together.  I was awakened rudely at 6:20 this this CRASHCRASHCRASHCRASHCRASHCRASHCRASH in the house.

My first thought was that one of my CD shelves had collapsed or was in the process.  I got up, and found him in the vibe room, a three-foot tall wooden stand (which had been retracted) on the floor, with a short cord that held it when opened wrapped around his throat.

Qi had dragged it across the room in an effort to extricate himself, knocked down my djembe, one of my guitars, send two chairs flying and stuff all over the place in a panic.  He could still breathe, but barely.

I finally had to cut him loose, he was so wrapped up.  He was okay, though...good thing I was home, the poor cat.

Uh, what I gonna write?

Oh yeah, still working on the writing...also I have been given an extension of unemployment benefits, but with that I have to job hunt and prove it.

So I have done so, but how can you job hunt when:  YOU HAVE THE JOB YOU WANT AND LOVE, JUST NOT ENOUGH HOURS?


So I am looking about, and seeing if there's something I can put my skills to elsewhere.  Never know what might turn up.

I know I'd talked a lot recently about going home.  I think it passed; I now have reasons again to stay here.  We'll see...again, never say never.

But for now, all's okay and I gotta get ready for the next one, whatever that is.

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