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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

"There's no rewrite in this carnival world..."--Jimmy Buffett

Well, it's been a while since I've blogged, and I have been busy and with enterprise of late.  So where have I been?

First, the radio work is about the same, weekends for Radio PA/KYW, occasional work on WITF, and Clear Channel.  Not much different.

Am doing my best to finally get a bit more work out there.  I have a new profile on a voiceover site, so we'll see what transpires through it:

So you'll get to hear some recent cuts and voice tracks.  I will change those from time to time.  Seeing what's out there.

Also looking into jobs in a few places, to see if anything's available. 

From Jimmy Buffett, to "Law Dogs," by the Doobie Brothers.  From last year's "World Gone Crazy" CD.  Good stuff.

The pitfalls of having your resume online can suck...I've gotten calls from fly by night operations looking for people, or rather other suckers for their pyramid schemes.  Fun.

The music has been good the past few weeks; I won't be going to HMAC Wednesday, as I have a coven parting ritual to attend.  I will officially leave Moonsong after nearly eight years; it is a decision I've written of in the past and I don't feel the need to say any more about it.

Whether or not the rest of the band goes up there, I don't know.  They are free to do it, they don't need me.

"Over the Waterfall," Robert Earl Keen...exceptional song from "Picnic."  Best thing he's ever done.

My relationship with Alice is back on, and it's good.  We have had some rough spots, but we both agree those needed to be ridden out before we commit.  But we are, and maybe we should be...heh.

It's all good...there's a feeling of stability I've not had in years, and Alice and I have agreed to take our time with all this.  It's very good, very good indeed.

Working out...yes, still on course.  Nearly three months in, and I'm feeling and looking a lot better.  My swimming and cardio work is going well, and while you have to make adjustments sometimes, it is working.  I have not felt this well in years.

Writing...sigh, but you know a new story has been working in my brain for needs more tweaking before I can write it, but I do think it has potential.

The Sweet Dreams Series is being edited, and I'll have a new chapter of "Take Another Road" here soon.  We'll see how everything works out.

All's good, and if I don't get here again before, a Joyous Samhaim to you and yours!

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