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Friday, July 20, 2012

Blog-A-Book...If You Blog It, Will They Come...?

Greetings, fellow bloggers, readers, lurkers and what have you...I am writing this Friday evening as I am once more dealing with the bane of writers everywhere...the Big R.


I have had a ton of it through my radio career, my literary career, my personal life, everywhere.  It's not so terrible, because you hope you learn something from it.

I wonder if I have.

Today, a certain unnamed publisher shot down a proposal for the "Sweet Dreams Series."  Nothing new.  One of the reasons given was interesting, because I had never heard of such a thing:  the location, which I thought was unique (coupled with the perspective), doesn't seem to fly with them.

Apparently, it's not conventional enough for them.  

Urgh.  Well, that makes me wonder if just had an idea and it really isn't that good at all.

I do not plan to give up; in fact, I need to share something with you.  I read in "Writer's Digest" about blogging your book.

Well, some of you might recall I tried that not long ago with the first book of "The Other Roads Club" Series.  Didn't get a whole lot of reaction to it; didn't expect it, but what I did get was pretty decent.

I wonder now...should I offer something more, and now that I have a slightly larger platform, would it work?

The aim is to find out what you think.  Is the story good? Do you like characters?  Does the premise work?  Would you read more?

Right now, I feel there is a great deal of stuff I could offer you that's actually really good.  A couple of my stories would work well here, and could lead to more attention.

I don't feel I've much of a choice; getting it out there is the only way to see.

You can still find in my previous blogs, "Take Another Road."  The story is copyrighted and I left it up.  Each chapter is well titled so you can figure the order.

That said:  I ask YOU...IF...I put up a chapter by chapter story again, WILL YOU READ IT?

Look, I realize life is busy for us all...but if you liked the first bit, would you read more?  Would you want to buy it, either as a book or an e-book?

Let me know...also, let me know if you would like the second book of the Other Roads Club, or something newer, different...

Let me know...I am listening...

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