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Monday, January 9, 2012

Girding One's Loins...Such Interesting Mental Pictures

That does make for a very interesting one, doesn't it?

The definition of that term is, "to summon up one's inner resources in preparation for action."  As it says here:

I remember Harris in "Major League" saying that in a prayer before the beginning of the season; before that, Mark Twain wrote that Tom Sawyer did so, before preparing to study Bible verses.  

Yes, I'm attempting to summon my resources to get back to work in a manner of speaking.  I suppose the timing is not good, which is why I'm having my difficulties with it.

Add to that, I'm still adjusting to my upped druggage.  I was feeling really mellow...stoned, actually for the first three days of the increased amount of the Big Z.  My energy level has slowly returned, and I am not quite as plotless in my mind.

"TNT," Ladell McLin version...imagine AC/DC being played by a guy that looks like Prince and sounds & plays guitar a bit like Hendrix.  Interesting.  Other iTunes as the situation permits...

My writings of late have fallen off, mostly to deal with editing.  New ideas in the head, but one is starting to come to the fore and I have to get to it.  Did not get a lot of response when it came to my offering of "Take Another Road" on here, and I'm a little disappointed.  Oh well... now ex-girlfriend (and it's official) Alice is going to apply her skills at graphic design and web-making to a site for moi later this month, so we'll roll with it from there.  Meanwhile, we each have things to get down on.  We're good; great friends, and know we understand one another damned well.  It's almost scary, but a very good thing.

For me, yes...the new book idea is coming, has been for several months, and I've several pages of sketches, storylines and characters.  It will be intriguing and different, yet also familiar, I hope.

"Jack-A-Lynn," by Jethro Tull.  Lovely...

Now anyway, I've done yet another edit of "Parasite Girls."  It's getting better; has potential as a film script, too.  Drama, I think...yes, mostly that, with a little action and excitement, but a study of the human being inside each of us, a little mad, a little not so, and whatever.  That's done.

As for the "Sweet Dreams Series," we're now forging ahead with a new tactic.  My intrepid agent will now attack the Mainstream Fiction market.  We were going YA with it, but it seems that the idea has been lost on some.

Honestly, this appeals to all, to more, to beyond just what that demographic reads.  Adults and kids of all ages have given me the thumbs up (but for one fellow, heehee, and he knows who he is, but it's cool he was honest with me and I love him for that).  It will go...dammit!

The manga side will soon be analyzed yet again and hopefully some action can be taken soon on that.

Now it is true that the SDS series after Book 3 needs some tweaking; I'll get to that over time, but it will be a larger project than I envisioned.  Need more time for that.  Much more.

"Bleed American," Jimmy Eat World; "I'm not crazy 'cause I take the right pills every day."  Heh.

Healthwise, I'm in good shape.  Better health, but I do worry a little about feeling smacked out at times.  Focus better, but there's a trade-off.

Must get ready to raise some hell with this new one...I think this will be a very hard topic for me, because it goes again back to parts of my life that were depressing, and I mean very depressing.  It's that part of my life that needs addressing.  I've addressed all manner of horrors in my writings, other's experiences told to me, plus my own.  And I have just gotten started there.

Fun, eh?  Oh yeah...

"Have to Drive..." -- from the recently purchased "Who Killed Amanda Palmer?" CD.  Figures...the Dresden Dolls (and the wonderfully dark-humored Ms. Palmer) are involved in the new work...oh yes, useful for the main character.

Now, this may seem rather off-topic, but it's not:

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Watch this, but zoom ahead to about the 1:55 mark...Jim Jeffries will tell you of a text message, and then ask a question of himself.

He will tell you the answer.

I think much alike in this respect, for good or ill.

Because of what goes on up in my mind, I can create some pretty neat things...and some odd ones.

Ah well..."Blowfish" by Steve Vai is on...

I better get to this while I'm still conscious...a couple days off before back to the work thing.  Let's see what comes of it all...

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