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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Racing Rain House Show in Towson (and possibly other things)...

Okay, I've crawled from the wreckage once again, and it's not even noon...fairly good progress I'd say. 

Dan and I were in Towson last night for the Racing Rain CD release party/house show.  I'll attempt to put on my concert critic's hat once again, and give you insight on all this.

Now as I've said here in the past, Carmen Yates is an old friend of mine since 1996, when he was in the Wicomicos.  After years of working behind the board, producing music for TV shows, commercials, etc., he returned to music with a four-piece lineup.  Sorry to say I didn't really get to talk to the other guys, but I will explain where my impressions come from.

So anyway, Dan and I roll up to the place in Towson, which is a pretty neat college town; always liked it there.  We are eventually led to a lovely home (no idea who owns it, sorry), and we fell in with about 40 or 50 folks of some means...I felt very out of place (and I am that way around people I have never met before) but everybody was really nice.

Got to meet Carmen's lovely sister, nice lady, and Dan worked the room.  He's quite good at that.  I leave him to it.

The setup was in the living room (so reminding me of the Ahltyrra house show in Beth & Chip's basement, but this was a much nicer room, haha!) eventually away they went.

Thor is the name of Carmen's studio partner...he played bass primarily and keyboards for a couple of songs, as well as added affects.  Drummer was quite proficient, and the guitarist had some serious licks and pulled some interest effects out of his axe.  He also sat down--glad to know there's one other guitarist who sits down, besides me.  We're gettin' old, y'know...

Carmen is back to his old self...he becomes a very different person onstage...he moves about a lot, and is able to let himself go without losing where he is.  His voice, damn, it has not changed...

Songs...nearly all were from the new album, and they got very good reactions.  New dimensions from Carmen's songwriting...the lyrics always have been thoughtful, and as I said to Dan later, there's definite songcraft going on.  That's not a bad thing.

I was happy to hear two old Wicomicos' tunes, "Stunned" and "By and By."  Glad some of those songs made the cut.

Carmen was quite happy to see me, and he looked well, back to himself, and for that I'm thankful.  We both came away pretty damned impressed.

There will be some shows in the future, and I aim to get more people out to them.  This is how things are supposed to work...and it does work well.

So quite a good night of music...I think we go to other people's shows to be entertained, but also re-inspired.  My hope is that is happening for me once again.


My songwriting has not been much of late, but that's normal.  Add to it when you consider I have been working myself into a state of madness on "Silk Road Days."

The edit continues there, and I'm not sure when that's going to be done.  Rewrites are needed, and of course, I'm being patient about every other thing that goes along with this.

Sunday...urg.  Must get back to work this afternoon at WITF, for the KYW thing.  And whatever else...

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