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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Discrimination is a Bitch, and So Am I!

I really should not be blogging right now...I am too angry, insulted and pissed off.

I have been the subject of questioning by the local police this evening, because of the overreactions of a bunch of alleged parents who were NOT looking out for their young charges, but probably doing fuck all else but their enlisted responsibility.

Add to it, four of them listened in on a cellphone conversation that was none of their business, and deduced I was planning something.

Fear not:  no arrests, no charges, and the hotel is falling all over itself to apologize to me.  Very nice.

Now, I would just like ONE of those fucking "adults" to look me in the eye tomorrow and apologize.  I won't hold my breath.

I'll blog later today, once I leave this town.  I have had it up to here with being judged by my appearance, and by the fact I stood up for myself and the right to a little peace and quiet in a room I paid good money for.

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